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X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black is a great way to feel the thrill and chills while playing games and watching movies. Comfortable, durable and inexpensive gaming chair will never make you feel tired or stressed. Compatible with almost every gaming console.

This gaming chair by Ace Bayou is one of its kind gaming chair, featuring supreme quality and cool details. You’ll love the interactive sound experience with X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black.

The market is flooded with variety of gaming chairs, making a choice out of so many gets tricky at times. X Rocker chairs are designed by professionals to cater the needs of new generation gamers.

If you are planning to spend over hundred bucks for a gaming chair that will relax your back muscles and take you to a fascinating gaming world, review the features of this product.

Why you should buy an X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair?

The chair has ergonomic design which is really soothing for the back. For gamers and movie addicts, this chair is a likable choice. The interactive sound experience you are going to have with X Rocker II, Wireless, Black is the main reason you should buy it.

This chair has upholstery vinyl cover so it’s not going to get scratched easily. Being portable and user friendly is another perk of getting this gaming chair.

Wireless audio transmission and powerful speakers make it a must buy gaming chair for those of you who like lively gaming and music. The chair is multipurpose and you’ll love reading and relaxing on it. Make your loved ones feel more special by giving this fabulous gaming chair as a Christmas present.

Enticing Features of X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

  • Amazing speakers and a high quality subwoofer
  • Side Control panel
  • Volume and bass control options
  • Input/output jacks
  • Wireless sound transmission
  • Comfortable Ergonomic seating
  • Band Switch
  • Black color with silver arms
  • Dimensions: 29 x 23 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 47 pounds

Pros and Cons of buying X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair


Have a glance at the best and not so good features of the chair to decide if it’s worth buying.

  • Latest Design: The eye catching design of this chair allures you to tuck yourself in it and play games for countless hours. The spectacular black color and silver arms with comfy seating make it a looked-for gaming chair.
  • Experience sound like never before: After the design, scroll down to the sound details of X Rocker II, Wireless Gaming Chair. The speakers, subwoofer, wireless audio transmission let you experience incredible sound.
  • Easy to move and store: Unlike other gaming chairs that are really hard to move and store, this chair is light weighted and you don’t have to put in a lot of effort moving/storing it.
  • Gets easily cleaned: The vinyl cover can be cleaned easily. If you love eating while gaming and watching movies, you don’t have to worry about stains anymore.
  • Money well-spent: The features you are getting in this chair are latest and superb so it’s a package that has a tag of “Money well-spent”. You are not likely to regret your purchase.


Although the chair is really a fabulous one, there are a few details that you might not be accustomed with, don’t feel confused.

  • Wireless Feature: Though the wireless feature of this chair is not complicated there must be some of you who are not very comfortable with new tech. So either you can phone a friend who is good at it or read the instructions carefully.
  • Dimensions: If you have height above 6’ feet, this might not be the best gaming chair for you.
  • Instructions: The instructions might be confusing for folks who are not tech geeks. The problem can be solved by seeking assistance from web or professionals.

How the customers have ranked X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

How often you buy a product that is advertised on the internet? Unless you really have heard about it from a friend or family member, you feel reluctant to make a purchase.

The customers’ testimonials and reviews about Wireless X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair are quite positive. The feedback of the users of this chair make it a worth buying item.

People who bought and used it, have given it five stars for the sound quality. Recommended by numerous buyers, the chair has been extoled due to its convenient assembly, comfort, handling and durability.

Other likable features highlighted by the users are the speakers. Whether you want to listen to your favorite band or looking for an electrifying gaming experience, this chair would rock your imagination.

Some tips for using your gaming chair more expediently

A gaming chair is something you are not going to buy very often, so after you get one, make sure that it doesn’t needs replacement at least for a couple of years or more.

Moreover, if you have bought a gaming chair with up-to-date features, use them more often.

  • Proper cleaning and handling: The arms of X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black are made of plastic, so you need to make sure that they don’t get damaged or scratched by improper handling. Clean the chair regularly if you don’t want the color to fade away.
  • Don’t expose your ears to loud sound for longer periods: The speakers of this chair give unbelievably loud and clear sound which make gaming, music and movies loads of fun but make sure that you don’t damage your ear drums by persistent exposure to blaring sound.
  • A piece of advice on buying from a trusted brand: Online shopping is quite fascinating. You don’t have to drive to a store and then stand in a line for paying bills. But the downside of shopping from internet is you never know if the package arrives on time and if contains the product you ordered.So you need to double check the retailer you are ordering from. There is often a claim on the sites “ Free shipping” when it’s actually not free, so if you have ordered from a site that says “ Free shipping”, don’t pay extra charges for the product. There are a list of accessories listed with a product, make sure that you get every wire and other accoutrements with your gaming chair.
  • The chair can be used for relaxing and reading: Though this chair has been designed for ultimate gaming experience but even if you are not a gamer, relaxing and reading moments can be made more comforting with X Rocker II Video Gaming chair. After a long working day, you can just sit back on this chair and enjoy TV or a good piece of literature.


When it comes to gaming, for some people it’s a ritual and a passion. You can’t have a delightful gaming aura without a comfy and exceptional gaming chair. X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black is one of the trendiest range of gaming chairs by Ace Bayou.

The chair has been designed according to the contemporary gaming requirements and has unprecedented quality. This chair supports ipod, Play Station 3, X box and TV/DVD Blue-ray so you can enjoy games, music and movies with impeccable sound. The style of this chair is distinctive, whether you place it in the lounge or living room, it will stand out to grab everyone’s attention.

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    Ben Laymon - March 7, 2015

    Yes it is.

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