Well Equipped Game Rooms

Well Equipped Game Rooms Games make the person sportive. The games give the fun and relaxation. Most of us have enjoyed both the indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games are usually played inside equipped rooms. Well equipped game room makes you and your buddies happy.

The most popular varieties of indoor games are card games, board games and table-games. The list of indoor games includes playing-card, carom board, foosball, billiards, snooker pool, billiards and chess etc. There are many varieties in indoor games such as card games, board games, table top games.

The layout of the game room


The layout of the game room depends on the list of the games played inside. Basically tables occupy major significance and space also in a game room. Popular table top games such as billiards, snooker and pool, carom board etc occupies some space for table and people surrounding that table. The foosball is the popular indoor game and hence, foosball-table may occupy some space in your game. TT table is 9×5 ft surface divided into uniform halves may occupy some more space in your game rom. If card games are in your list, you may have a round table surrounded by good comfortable chairs

Lighting Systems


Lighting is very important in any Game room. Proper lighting provides ambiance for you.

• Ceiling lights: Go for stylish flush mounted and semi-flush mounted ceiling lights. They are good choices for a game room. For low ceilings, a tall floor lamp that radiates light upward is a good choice. Light reflecting off the ceiling will increase the light in the game room.

• Pool table light height can be at your nose level to spread light across the table. For the pool table lighting of 60-watt bulbs is better choice. When you go for table top games such as a pool table, poker table, Ping-Pong table or pinball machine, go for attractive with enough light in the room without glare. Prevent glare on TV and the pool table, use a floor lamp or LED strip to the behind the TV or place lights behind the TV and use pendant lighting directly above the pool table.

• Track lighting- Put track head inclined object and if it the object has a glass frame, place the light 3 feet near to wall to reduce glare.

Seating Arrangements and Furniture Seating System is very much important aspect in game room.

The seats should be comfortable since most of the inward games usually include sitting position. The furniture plays very important role. The centre of attraction may be your gaming table, or a pool table or a poker table or whatever; these tables should have matching chairs.

• Bean bag chairs: These are meant for heavy relaxing purposes. Active mini tired people can take a nap on these also.

• Pool Tables: If pool is game in your playlist, nice pool tables such as billiards ones are comes into picture. These are available in various sizes.

• Ping Pong Tables: Ping pong or table tennis is a popular room game. There are a lot of styles of ping pong tables. Among these some are fully fold-able, and some may come as o legless also.

• Poker Tables: An excellent poker table gives a nice playing surface, and provides sufficient space for all players. Various sizes are available from four-person poker tables to huge ones to accommodate large groups of players.

• Dart Boards: Hang a dart board on the wall. A game night is meant to be an interactive session that brings together the entire family and hence it is very important to take everyone’s ideas into account and work together into bringing the gaming room alive. If you have kids it is important to design the room in such a fashion where the kids can have their little corner as well and grown ups can come and play as well. It would require a good amalgamation of your imagination to bring the right mixture into the room so it is universally appealing to every member of different age categories. It is important to sit together as a family and decide what games can be introduced and purchased as this would be a long term investment and requires some thinking into. You should also get in touch with an interior decorator who can help give you ideas on designing and decorating the room. At the end of the day the main purpose of the room is to bring everyone as a whole for atleast one fun filled night a week so go ahead and have fun with it because ultimately your game room will be your FUN room.

• After deciding you want a game room and deciding a location for it, it is imperative to plan where each piece of furniture and gaming will go as this will affect the entire decor of the room and how everyone will interact. One corner as mentioned should be kept for the snacks and drinks which can be easily replenished.

• It is important to decide what the key highlight of your room will be- the chess table, snooker table etc as everything else will be decorated around this. • It is important to decide a floor texture which is not too slippery and not too rough to play on.. Hence the right flooring is essential.

• The next step is the lighting. There should be enough light to illuminate the whole room however stronger light might be needed to highlight your main attraction which might be your pool table or snooker table or chess table.

• Along with the lighting comes the decorations and walls. If you are scared of unwanted accidents and do not want to use pictures and paintings you can get funky characters painted on your walls or scenes from epic movies depicting a game for example scene from Lord of the Rings or Avengers which you can relate to.

If the game is more for kids you can go for characters like Mario to get them excited. However this depends entirely on your budget and how you want to manage the room. You can keep fiddling around with the settings and positions of the game equipment till you are happy with the arrangement.

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