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You Can Feel the Sound with V Rocker Interactive Audio. Two Forward Facing Speakers with Powerful Subwoofer. Wireless Audio Transmission and Headphone Jack


Want to take your gaming experience to the next level? Bring V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair in use. It is one of the verypopulargaming chairs exclusively designed to play video games. You can, however, also sit and enjoy the music, or watch movies as long as you desire.

Manufactured by world famous Ace Bayou Corporation (founded in 1986), this chair is fully capable to provide you the real gaming feel. Supported by a hard wood frame, it provides full back support. Embeddedspeakers, sub-woofer and side controlmake this chair extremely satisfactory and lifestyle-focused.

Embracing its sturdy construction using quality material and body filled with fire-retardant foam, you can play video games for hours.The solid body,easy setup,good sound reproductionand comfortable sitting turns this chair into a must-have home commodity.

Incorporated Features in V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair:

Features implanted in any product define how valuable and beneficial it is. The key features of V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair include:

1. Wireless Audio Transmission:

The wireless audio transmission system is featured in the chair so as to keep you right in the action while playing video games, listening to music, watching television or movies.It is one of the best features offering full gaming experience combined with amazing sound effects.

2. Forward Facing Speakers:

Two forward facing speakers in combination with built-in and powerful subwooferswill take you inside the game. These are installed in the shoulder of this invincible video gaming chair.

3. Side Control Panel:

The side control panel allows you to set volume, bass, and band switch as per your preference. Input/output jacks are also part of the panel provided right at your side.


Benefits of using V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair

Purchasing a prodigious video gaming chair is not a cool job to do. For the reason that video gaming market is highly competitive. It has beenencumbered with a lot many brands and models. You need to be vigilant and always bring in notice the key features and benefits prior tospend your money. As you use this well-built and user-friendly video gaming, get ready to enjoy the enlisted below privileges.

  • This rocking chair will keep you relaxed for long because of the ergonomic curved design encompassing supportive hardwood frame.
  • Full-back support feature will help you to sit and take pleasure in video gaming as long as you want
  • Dual-layer fire retardant foam used in its construction brings extra softness and soothing effect
  • Its upholstery-grade vinyl cover is quite long-lasting and easily washable.
  • The wireless connection and the included transmitter gives premium sound quality
  • Simple audio controls on side of the chair offers exceptional ease to adjust volume, bass and band switch.
  • Inside installed speakers are wirelessly connected to your console and let you to get as close your action game as possible.
  • This chair comes with multi-system compatibility (games, TV/DVD/Blu-ray, MP3, Home Stereo, PlayStation 3 and 4 etc)
  • Its connection capability varies from almost versions of Xbox and also that of Playstation.
  • Headphone jacks make it more valuable for personal use. These will help you not to disrupt people around especially if you play games in night times.
  • It is a perfect choice for multi-player use as you can feasibly attach multiple chairs with this one. Children love to play games or watch their favorite show together.
  • This chair folds in halffor hassle-free storage and
  • It can also be used merely for relaxation reasons or you can enjoy reading a book or magazine etc too.
  • It could be a great addition to your decor plan. Its stylish design will surely enhance your room’s beauty.
  • Available in black, V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chaircomes with instruction manual and warranty card.


  • Reasonably priced withhigh-quality
  • Durable, reliable, and flexible
  • Relatively light in weight (about 29 lbs)
  • Much safer with ultimate luxurious comfort
  • Gives full back support and stability
  • Compatible with most gaming systems
  • Heavy-duty and stain resistant vinyl cover
  • Supreme quality inbuiltsound system
  • Offers easy portability and storage
  • Easy plug-and-play structure
  • Does not take a lot of space
  • Comes with instruction manual
  • Stress-free handlingand maintenance
  • Can last through plentiful gaming sessions.
  • Ergonomic design delivers tilt & swivel capabilities


Side handles are missing and little kids can fall off in excitement. It would be good if there is some kind of harness systems for games loving toddlers. Also headrest is not much responsive for tall people. Hence, found thatit would be difficult for them to use it for long hours. The power supply cable is reported as bit short but chair’s portability feature offers a good solution. You can take your chair close to the electric outlet.

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Tips to consider while using this Video Gaming Chair:

Novice or hardcore gamer, you must take into account following tips as you decide to use thisfun rocking video game chair.

  • Always follow the manual provided instructions and warning sticker(s) on it.
  • Be careful! Your fingers might be severely injured as you fold and unfold the chair
  • Replace the batteries beforehand to remain in touch with the awesome gaming experience.
  • Take special care of connectivity ports and control panel for optimal experience every time you use it.
  • This chair is not for infants and toddlers, so please avoid using it for them.
  • Do not jump on the chair and never put heavy equipment on it
  • Keep it clean and well-maintained, this will increase its life
  • Check for repairs and do immediately if needed.
  • Store it out of the way and at the most safest place
  • Better to keep it covered when not in use.


V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair is convenient to just sit down, start your game and get going for hours. Whether you recline or rock on the chair, there will be no twinge of discomfort. The price tag is fairly reasonable for amazing features and excellent performance. Overall, this chair provides the ultimate level of pleasure and comfort.


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