Tips to Play Games Better On Your Laptop

When it is about the raw performance, laptops have always been lagging behind when compared to desktops. However, they are in popularity for their portability. Not every person would like being attached to a desktop while they play games. Besides, if you wish to carry the computer to play multiplayer games with your friends, gaming laptop is the best way you can make it happen!

It is not really easy to upgrade these gaming laptops. But if you wish to improvise the gaming performance of your laptop, you would generally have to depend on enhancements of certain software. This constrains what you are able to do. However, there are a few tools and a few tips which can enhance the laptop’s gaming performance.

Enhancing the laptop’s gaming performance

  • Have the latest drivers installed on your laptop

The drivers which are obtained with most of the hardware are nothing but static. There would be few minor upgrades you need to be doing every now and then. However, installing a new driver, Ethernet controller for instance, wouldn’t really have immediate effects on the gaming performance of the laptops. Drivers of the video card, however, are different. ATI and Nvidia, the largest manufacturers of video cards are always in a continuous fight for dominating better performance. This not only implies new releases of cards but also the updates for the drivers which enhance the performance of those video cards that already exist in the market. If you would manage to pay heed to the reviews of video cards, you would usually see that similar video cards end up with better performance as the time passes. That is the improvements of the drivers at work.

If you use a laptop, making sure you have installed latest drivers is the best way for gaining maximum performance  if you have not updated your drivers from the day you got your laptop, installing latest versions would help you increase the performance by about 20%.

  • The CPU must be overclocked

As far as overclocking of the GPU is concerned, laptop has more constraints when compared to the desktops. CPU over clicking isn’t really possible but few models do allow overclocking of GPU. Both ATI and Nvidia presently have utilities that are built in their software suites which allow overclocking of GPU. These are basically a couple of settings which you must be worrying about. Memory clock and core clock. Memory clock is basically the speed of memory which is used to buffer data of the video while the core clock is basically the speed of real processing cores that is on GPU. Every core has its unique over clocking tolerance and hence you would require experimenting if you have to select the stable setting that is maximum. You must take one step at a time and not try overclocking about 20% in the very beginning. Instead, you could hike it by nothing more than five percent for one time. You could also be allowed to vary the system fan’s speed, if there is one dedicated for the GPU. If the control of this setting is provided to you, don’t hesitate in increasing the speed of the fan. This would certainly cause extra noise but extra cooling would make the higher overclock plausible.

  • Select your power settings

Unlike desktops, laptops are supposed to be used frequently away from the power source. This implies that its power management is imperative. On a PC, you will be able to set power management so that you can increase the performance but the laptops usually switch between various presets of power management. At times, laptops switch into setting of power management that is meant to save power and wouldn’t switch back at the time it is supposed to. Or you would have just changed the settings of power management by yourself and later ignored changing them again. In either case, it is imperative that you ensure your laptop is making use of the power profile of high performance while you are on to gaming.

Besides, a few latest laptops have something called as graphics that are switchable. This implies the discreet GPU of the laptop must be turned on by itself when required and later turned off when it is not required. If there is a poor performance unusually in your game, check the settings of GPU and ensure the switchable graphics work just fine like they are meant to.

  • Turn down shader and texture details

At times the gaming laptops are constrained by quality and volume of memory of their video. The memory that is available to the video cars is very imperative as it acts like a highway between the GPU and the display. If it is out of space, traffic is formed and the frame rates begin to dip. The best way you can run a game better us by simply reducing the resolution. However, before you can do that, it is suggested to check the texture of the game and also the shadow or the shader settings. Textures of high resolution when made available by the game can consume a lot of RAM. Complex shadows or shaders would also show the same result. While every effect of graphics applied to a game may have certain impact on the performance, these would be the settings that are highly likely in improving gaming performance of the laptop when video memory happens to be the bottleneck of your laptop.

  • The background applications must be shut down

As the last try in improving the gaming performance of your laptop, you could attempt shutting down the applications of system tray. Ideally speaking, you must not be having lot of such applications running at all. However, as the time passes and different programs are patched, installed or uninstalled, you would end up with large collections of utilities on the system tray. Laptops are not as powerful as desktops and a gaming laptop is more prone to impacts from these programs.

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