The Baby Steps To Create And Maintain A Theme Based Game Room

You might have come across several types of game rooms in your life. You might also have your own game room when you were a child. But have you ever given it a thought that how you can use recreational ideas in transforming the overall approach of having one in your house. Today, I feel delight to enlighten you about how you can dress up your room based on a specific theme. You could be making a room for your baby girl or baby boy, both have interests and you can take advantage of these interests and plan a perfect theme.

I would also say that game rooms could be a perfect party planet for your kids. Last year, one of my friends planned and designed a room for her baby girl and presented it to her on her birthday. I would like to take a page from my friend’s game room look book pass it on to my readers. There are many wonderful ways that can be used to pep up the look of the game room and theme based game rooms are always most enchanting.

Before going any further, I would first like to let you know about some of the drawbacks of designing a theme based play room:

  • These are short living as one get bored with a specific theme and you might need to get it renovated completely.
  • The theme based rooms are relatively higher in prices. The installments are always expensive and sometimes you will have to get the fixings customized. It will be even expensive when you get the products customized for your room.
  • The furniture and other stuff used in the room cannot be refurbished. It is best suggested to use wallpapers and detachable stuff that can be parted with the base easily.

The Treasure Of Ideas

Well, now let’s head towards the ideas section. We will here consider the theme of Barbie Princess to demonstrate the idea. You have to create a mini Barbie castle for your girl.

Theme Based Wall Art:

As you explore the markets, you will come across many Barbie wall art such as theme papers that are glued up to the walls. You can also get the icons of the doll and her companions get painted on the wall. Such is the charisma of these dolls that your little princess will instantly fall in love with the room as soon as she will open the gate.

Barbie Doll House:

As we all are familiar with the fact that Barbie is a very renowned doll toy for girls, the small doll house becomes a mandatory need. For this purpose, you might have to spend some extra money as beautiful Barbie houses are best to get crafted than buying the one from the shops. That might not be enough as you will then have to work on the décor of the doll house. Many dolls have to added in the house and you might also have to buy their dresses, beds, dressing tables and all other stuff that your princess might need for lateral use.

Color Lighting:

Next important point to consider is about the lighting of the room. As the color of Barbie dolls is pink, you can install pink and white colored lighting to glint up the game room. To justify a complete look of the theme, it is important to add lights that can go perfectly with it. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention on where the light is to be installed and what will be the color.

Similar Furniture and Fixings:

This section will cost you more than any other section defined in this theme. When you explore market, surely you will not find Barbie furniture available just like that. These are the themes that have to be worked on. You will have to get the furniture crafted. You might need pink colored stools or sofas. The Barbie bean bags can also work with the overall look of the room. The tables have to be pink in color and so as the cabinets. On the top of that, you might need pink colored floor spreads. While customizing a total look of Barbie castle, you might have to spend huge bucks. And this could be the best gift for your little angel.


To give a final touch to the room, you have to add Barbie accessories such as her music system, the curtains, the similar toys and much more. This could be your in-house Barbie land where all the girls associated with your princess can sit back and play.

Theme based game room might be expensive but they have the glance that one can never forget. After implementing such an awesome idea, you can certainly become the inspiration for other parents.

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