The ABC of Planning your Game Room

When buying a house, most people reserve the basement as the game room area. But what usually happens is that the basement quickly converts into the dumping ground of the house and our dreams of having our personalized recreational area go down the drain.

It’s only when we face the summer blues or the deadly boring winters being stuck inside the house t that the idea of having a game room stirs up again. Most people think that a game room is complete with a couple of game boards and chairs thrown in an empty room but they soon find out that it’s not that this doesn’t work. So what do you need to do?

Here’s all you need to know while planning your game room!

Selecting the appropriate location.

Game room location exclusively depends on the kind of game equipment that one wants to be installed.

  • Usually when people think of a game room, pool tables or Foosball tables are a must. Given that, it is important that the location selected for the game room is spacious enough.
  • A cluttered game room is a useless game room. A basement is an apt location for having game room equipment like these installed.
  • Two-in-one tables are a smart option if there isn’t enough space. If however, you plan to have a game room which only has board games like chess and carom then you can reserve a section of your dining or living room for this purpose.

 Choosing the right game equipment.

  • When choosing the game equipment, there is only one question you need to ask yourself- Who will be using this game room?
  •  If it is a game room meant for people of all age groups then it should have a variety of equipment so that everyone is happy. For example, usually a Foosball or an air hockey table will make children happy and board games like carom or chess will have a greater appeal to older gamers.
  • It should be kept in mind that the room does not get cluttered in this process. To make this possible some simple things need to be followed such as;
    a) Installing foldable game equipment so that they can be folded and kept away when not in use
    b) Game equipment should serve multiple purposes. For example a chess board table can be covered by a table cloth and be used for other game nature boards too.

 Furniture Fixing.

It is very important that a game room is equipped with the right furniture. The obvious question that comes up is that what is the ‘right furniture’?

  • The ideal furniture in a game room is comfortable and is appropriate for the game they are designed for. For example, big majestic chairs will be rendered useless for a board game like carom where obviously stools will be the right choice.
  •  The purpose of a game room is to provide recreation and therefore comfort is the key. Whatever furniture you buy, make sure that they are comfortable. Thus, couches and bean bags are so common in game rooms.
  •  Another pointer that you must keep in mind before installing furniture your game room is that it is best if heavy furniture is not used as it becomes very cumbersome to move them when more equipment are to be introduced in the room or when you need to make more space.

 Having a well lit game room.

It is common sense that a game room needs to be adequately lit. For example you cannot play ping pong when you cannot even see the ball approaching.

  • Lighting specific to the game equipment should be installed. For example, a pool table must definitely have a pool table light fixed right on top of the table.
  •  Also, a lot of fun can be had with lights in giving the game room a funkier look.
  •  For example, you can cover your regular CFL bulbs with colored cellophane paper and you’ll have your personal neon lit room.
  •  The color of the walls also goes a long way in affecting the lighting of the room. Rooms painted dark absorb more light than those that are painted with lighter shades.

 Accessorizing the room.

This step comes after the other essential steps of selecting the right location, equipment, furniture etc.

And although this may not sound like a crucial step in planning you game room, it is nonetheless very important. Accessorizing the room includes a variety of things ranging from selecting a theme for the game room, to adding trendy game room signs.

  • Essentially everything in the game room except the game equipment and furniture is a game room accessory.
  •  They are so important because they greatly add to the ambience  of the room. For example you can make do with ordinary mugs, but if you   have special football shaped mugs in a football themed game room, then it adds a different charm to the room all together.
  • You may also consider wall hangings, graffiti flooring, and personalized rugs to name a few. If your family enjoys music, then don’t forget to install speakers!

So you see, planning a game room isn’t a Herculean task. Follow these simple rules and you won’t go wrong. Let’s make a mnemonic for the process:

L: Selecting the correct Location
E: Installing Game Equipment
F: Choosing the appropriate Furniture
L: Lighting the room well
A: Accessorizing

Procrastination never did anyone any good and agreed that the first step is always the hardest; once you start you will realize that it is so much more fun designing your game room than other mundane household chores.

Also, in this busy 21st century life, no one has the time for outdoor sports and this lack of healthy recreation takes a toll on one’s health. After a long day, fixation to the television screen is the most common and sadly an unhealthy way of rejuvenating oneself.

Having a personal recreation place in the house in this situation becomes very essential.

Have you planned your game room yet? No? What are you waiting for, start today!


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