Small Rooms Can Make for Great Home Offices

Generally the smallest room in the house is used as a home office space, and whether you use your home office for a full-time job or just frequent it every so often for leisure purposes it important to get the right atmosphere. Many people think that home offices have to be massive spaces with book cases, shelving, filing cabinets and big screen TVs but the truth is that even the smallest of rooms can make for the perfect home office setup.

Also, you know what? Smaller rooms actually help improve workflow and motivation for workers because the space is more compact and concentrated, allowing for improved concentration for the worker.

In today’s guide we wanted to look closer at the layouts of home offices and in particular focusing on those rooms that tend to have weird shapes and strange designs. Because at the end of the day no matter how oddly built your home office is, there is always a way to make it look the part with a few simple tricks and tips that we can gladly provide you right here.

Rooms That Only Have One Central Power Outlet

One of the trickiest things with home office layouts is if the room only has one plug socket on the wall, and if that socket location happens to be in an awkward area. Usually it means having to drape cables across the room from an extension reel in order to get your desk in the right location.

Now, the obvious solution is to get an electrician to put in a new plug socket but this can cost you time and money because they will have to tap into the wall and plaster, then split the cables and rewire them to a new location. It can be messy and expensive.

The easiest thing to do is stick with the extension cable idea but choose a blocked extension rather than a reel. The reason for this is that it will look much tidier and you can actually fit the blocked extension to the wall and run the cable under the carpet or attach the cable to the skirting board around the edges of the room. This keeps the room looking tidy, allows you to put your desk where you want it and also stops you from tripping up on cables.

Where There is Windows There is Light

When it comes to office space and layouts windows are an important part in helping you become a successful home worker. Even if you don’t work from home, having a light source in an office is key to your health and mentality. Otherwise it’s just going to feel very much like you are in prison, with nothing but four walls around you.

If you can, it’s worth taking some paper and a pencil and just sketching up the room first, and then playing around with layout ideas on where you want things to be placed.

For example, some rooms aren’t square or rectangular in shape, they might possibly have very odd shapes that makes it hard to fit standard desks and work stations into. If you are finding this is the issue then there are pieces of furniture that are designed for different shapes rooms. So for example, if the only area you can fit a desk comfortably in is a corner then you can purchase a corner desk unit that will fit nicely but also help you make the most of the space in your home office.

When it comes to windows you also want to try your hardest in getting your desk as close to one as possible, but not have your back facing it. Having the ability to take a few minutes break from your work schedule to look outside can really refresh your mind and retrain your focus on whatever job you have at hand.

Office Layouts Have No Room for Clutter

Some home offices never start as offices, they are perhaps a nursery for a baby or more commonly a storage room for additional items that have no other place in the house. When it comes to preparing your office layout you need to be careful that you don’t let the clutter stay or build up because an untidy room is only going to have a negative effect on your mood and then transferably onto your work.

As they say, a clean environment that is tidy and well-presented is going to raise your mood, morale, motivation, determination and generally have you firing on all cylinders when it comes to getting your workload for each completed.

Therefore, before you even start rearranging your room and the layout you want to be looking at clearing the room completely so you have a clear canvas to work from in order to get the best layout possible for your home office environment.

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