Sit in Style: Become a Pro Gamer with These Gaming Sofa’s

Sit in Style: Become a Pro Gamer with These Gaming Sofa’s

Pro gamers will know that it’s not just about the controller, the game or the TV or monitor that they are playing on. It’s about the seating that allows for good movement, advanced sounds, or complete viewpoints. Whilst some seating is relatively simple in designs and incredibly cost effective, some other seating arrangements literally do offer the full works when it comes for complete gaming superiority.

In today’s article we wanted to look at some of the latest and most popular seating modules that have been created for the avid gamer in mind. Whether its sheer out and out comfort and luxury or a gaming chair that has only one thing in mind (win, win, oh and keep winning), we are going to bring you the best sofas that the industry has to offer. However, remember that these are specialised chairs so you are going to have to pay the price you would expect to, but believe it or not some gaming chairs can be purchased for as cheaply as good office chair.


Obviously this all comes down to how often you are going to use the chair, where its going to be (are you going to use it in a specific gaming room or will it be part of the main room in your house), and just how serious you are about gaming as a whole. We only say this because some gaming chairs can look ridiculously out of place in your main living room!

Anyway, we are going to start with the beast of all gaming chairs, and we guarantee you that you will have never seen anything like this before!

The Emperor Gaming Chair

The Emperor Gaming Chair

We might as well jump in with the best chair on the market at the moment, but for this to be yours you also need to do a lot of saving up. One thing is for sure this chair will have you being the envy of all your friends.

For $6,000, yes that’s 6 big ones, you can have this hydraulic operated gaming rig that boasts not 1, not 2, but 3 screens in-front of you. If you are after the best sounds quality then you can really go too wrong with the in-built Bose speaker system that this Emperor has to offer.

If that still hasn’t tempted you then what about that cool LED lighting, and cup holder? It really does take gaming chairs to a whole new level, and puts you right in the zone.

Could this be the golden throne of gaming?

The X Rocker

The X Rocker

Now, coming in at waaaaaaaaaaay under that $6,000 price is the X Rocker which is in the more affordable bracket of just under the $200 mark.

Despite not looking like the Emperor or carrying that same startling price tag this chair does have all the trimmings to it, and broadens its horizons from outside gaming to the whole of the entertainment industry so whether it’s the music channel you want on or a film, it gives that ultimate experience.

The two-built in speakers that you will find with this chair are also connected to a subwoofer that is capable of 2.1 AFM technologies, and you will also benefit from a wireless receiver and transmitter that work with RCA outputs.

As for comfort, I think you can already see just how comfortable this chair is for sitting back in or sitting on the front of it as you engage in enemy fire, and all for that $189 price tag.

Not bad, right?

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

Next we have the appropriately named Ultimate Gaming Chair which will set you back a good $700 but still is a fraction off the Emperor chair we listed at the start of this article. The UGC as we will call it for short literally lets you get into the game and allows you to feel the action right under you. The chair has plenty of features because it not only acts as a gaming chair but it can be transformed into a massage chair (thanks to its 12 vibration motors) and a cinema chair for you to watch those action packed movies from.

Again, this particular chair benefits from wireless technology so you can hook up plenty of audio output devices to it like your iPhone, iPod, iPad, your games console, your DVD, and heck even your Television if you wanted to!

Perhaps one of the best things about this chair is that it blends in well with other living room furniture and doesn’t look an eye-sore like so many other gaming seats tend to do.

So there you have it, 3 great chairs to choose from all have different features and price tags so which gaming chair are you looking to buy for your next purchase? We certainly know which one we would like!

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The Ultimate Gaming Chair where do I get one


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