Our Top 3 Video Games for Parents

Our Top 5 Video Games for Parents


Why should all the kids get the fun? That’s what many adult parents are saying as they pick up their XBox controller, or begin shooting away on their PC’s. Rightly so! Parents actually make up a good proportion of the people that play computer games and with the likes of Grand Theft Auto and FIFA games on the market you can see why certain games appeal to the older generations amongst us. Add to that the fact that technology just keeps on getting better and better with each year that passes and you start to see just how life-like some of the characters, backdrops and scenarios can be.

For parents, video games can often relieve the everyday stresses of a 9-5 job, coming home loading a game disc and then taking out the frustration on a virtual reality platform, and believe it or not it has been proven that video games can reduce stress and depression so there your excuse to play a few hours on your favourite game. Talking of favourite games, we have also lined up our current top 3 video game picks for adults, and we are sure that you will agree, these are the best you can get right now.

So put that controller pad down for a second and take a look at these video games.


Game 1: Grand Theft Auto 5

Game 1

The funny thing about this game is that its a few years old now but just hasn’t dipped in popularity, if anything the game is constantly getting bigger with new players purchasing the game every month. If you want the ultimate in high quality graphics and Hollywood movie plots then this is your game, it just doesn’t get old and there are plenty of little story lines off the main game plot to keep you satisfied for hours. Even when you have completed the game the multi-player version opens up a whole new world to you.

If you want too drive (and smash) top end cars, fly planes and helicopters, and take part in hot pursuits while unloading some lead out of your window as you bulldoze over pedestrians then this game is not one you want to miss. Talk about taking the stress of your daily routine, this game will leave your fired up and happy with the world, so go and buy a rocket launcher from an ammo store and cause some havoc in town…

Game 2: Minecraft

Game 2

Placing blocks to build anything you wish has often been a curious thing to do, and that’s why Minecraft and the creative minds of parents make this game second on our list of the top 3. It doesnt matter how old you are, or how good you are at console games, Minecraft pretty much caters for everyone and anyone. During the evening hours the monsters come out to destroy your wonderful creations so its paramount that you build up shelters to prevent this from happening.

There are survival, creative and adventure modes to chose from in this game which all have different options and features in how you play them. What is for definite is that you really aren’t going to get bored of this game quickly. Its a nice way to end the evening if you find nothing on TV after the kids have gone to bed. Why not? You are allowed adult time as well!

Game 3: FIFA 16

Game 3

The latest football game to come hot off the shelves of EA is FIFA 16 which each year keeps on attracting millions of avid football fans into purchasing the game. Whether you received it as present, brought it yourself or had the luck to win this in a competition you will never get tired of the FIFA series and this years latest game is no exception. What you will find is that some physics are different and certain new features get added to the game with constant improvements. For example, this years version can keep both parents happy…that’s mum and dad, because there is no a ladies football element to FIFA giving credit where credit is due at last.

Whether you want to start a career mode as a manager, becoming your own player in the Pro feature as you build up your own career and skills, or just want to play as a full team, you really will find endless hours of fun playing this game.

There are plenty of other games that can make a good argument to reach our top 3 list for parent video games, and we are sure that you all have your own individual tastes when it comes to the type of video games you prefer. Perhaps you like the strategy games of Clash of Titans, or maybe you enjoy the retro PC games such as Quake 3 Arena which held a high level of popularity from its inception into the market lace in the late 1990’s to well into the 2000’s before being replaced by Quake Live.

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