Our Top 5 Picks for Video Games for Babies

Our Top 5 Picks for Video Games for Babies

It’s not just adults and teens that can enjoy playing video games, oh no! The younger generation also have their own ideas of what games suit them and you will be amazed to see what some of them are.

These aren’t just any games, these games will stimulate, develop and help your child to grow, teaching them new words, new meanings, new images and much more as they progress through those younger years.

In today’s article we wanted to show you the top 5 picks, so without any more chatter let’s jump in a see what’s out there.

World of Zoo

World of Zoo

First up, every little one’s favourite place to be, the zoo. This simulator offers plenty when it comes to capturing your child’s imagination and extending the room for creativity that they have. Not only can you change animal colours and patterns, but children can really delve into shapes and sizes here, editing everything from ears, tails, noses, feet, heads and anything you can pretty much think of.

Generally this game is used on the PC but you can find other versions that are similar for console gaming as well, such as the Wii.



Yes this game is a mouthful to say and does seem like a baby has named it, but this again is a revolutionary game that has been designed to help test and improve everything from reading to writing skills, which is paramount at such a young age.

Children will be able to draw something and then once they have completed that the drawing will come to life and the in-game characters will then interact with your child’s drawing. This alone will bring amazement and awe to your child’s face, but you will also have little side guests that allow children to progress through a story.

If you want to help increase your child’s vocabulary then this could be the game for you.

The Littlest Pet Shop

This is a game that you have probably heard of before because of the heavy marketing campaigns that they did. The game is cheap and cheerful and allows your baby to learn how to look after animals in a virtual styled pet shop.

With over 32 pets in the fame you r child will take part in puzzles, mini-games, which will help them win other accessories and play sets. It’s the perfect game to keep your kids entertained but allow them to care and learn at the same time.


We have all loved the popular adult version of this game, The SIMS, but now there is an even cooler game in town. That new game goes by the name of My SIMS and is perfect for the younger generation of gamers amongst us.  Yes there is the usual multiplayer option, but because this game is aimed towards the kids EA have managed to implement some cool safety features such as the invite-only system that allows player to ONLY add their friends.

You play the game just as you would the normal SIMS game, allowing you to live through day-to-day scenarios and build your own families up. The only difference is that this game is much more child friendly and promoted many aspects of this throughout the game, not just its immense safety features which are every parents dream.

The Littlest Pet Shop

Goal or No Goal!

Finally we have a game that is suitable for all ages and gets the whole family involved. Whether you’re under 5 or over 50 the Goal or No Goal game will offer you plenty of fun, and there are so many different things you can do when playing this game. Whether it’s playing against your son daughter, or earning Star Points to help build up your characters skills this cheeky little game will have everyone laughing and having a great time.

We haven’t told you the best part to this game yet though, and that is the game is free to play. That’s right you read that correctly, Goal or No Goal is not just great for learning your children communication and eye-to-hand coordination skills but it’s also not going to cost you anything to play. Which, in today’s world of high priced toys and games will come in very handy for parents who are on the lookout for any games that they are going to buy for their young children and babies.


There are many games and platforms around on the market these days but when it comes to children you want them to benefit from video games in a manner that helps improve their communication and general learning abilities. You also want to look for games that boast great safety features if multi-player options are part of the core features to that game. This will all give you as the parent, peace-of-mind that you’re doing it right.

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