Notes for Creating a Gaming PC on Your Own

Making a gaming computer is more than about just looking cool. It is more about the power. It could give you the edge and make you win! You must be wondering as to what parts are really essential for performance of gaming. We provide you notes by advising how to build a gaming PC. Take down!

How to build a gaming PC?

Step 1) Decide which processor you must be using for your system.

It could be effective if you could look upon benchmarks and try comparing them with present prices. Basically, it is believed that the processor which is second best is always great in terms of cost and performance.

Step 2) Choose a motherboard which supports the processor.

Make note of the socket of the processor, the type of memory module and also the RAM frequency while you are choosing the motherboard. Sockets of CPU are only compatible for certain CPUs. Few motherboards have features like HDMI. Hence, look for a motherboard that has these features. Meanwhile, also be aware of RAM with high frequencies as its benefits are inconsistent and have high rates of failure. The number of the memory module pins must be noted as that is how it gets connected with the motherboard.

Step 3) Collect enough RAM that can meet your needs.

If you have more desktop memory or RAM, you will have effortless performances and quick loading times. Select a memory which comes under your budget. You could select it from known manufacturers like Kingston or corsair. You must choose the ones with fastest clock speed and least timings as the memory’s performance solely depends on these.

Step 4) Select a video card

This could be one among the important but tough decisions that you should be making as there are plenty of video cards available in the market. Since there are so many video cards, the best method to choose the card is by looking at the reviews they have got and check if they come under your budget.

Step 5) Select the hard drive storage

You must select your hard drive well. Games, videos and audios need loads of space to have large files associated with the games stored. Go through reviews for best hard drives and select the ones with best price. Quicker hard drives can affect loading times of the game but not much. Concentrate solely on making sure you have enough storage space and don’t really give much priority to the hard drives speed.

Step 6) Select the power supply

You must check the power given out by your power supply. These supplied usually come with 24 pin connectors or connectors with 20 pin. You must select it based on the number of pins the motherboard has which will connect. Ensure it meets needs of all recommended requirements of power for your hardware, like the graphics card. It is essential to know that many power supplies come along with cases with low quality. You could consider replacing them with those which are more powerful as well as efficient.

Step 7) Buy a case

You must not underestimate the vitality of the case as it nestles all valuable parts which run the computer. You would want to focus more on cooling here. Fans are available in various sizes. Usually, bigger fans make less noise and put out more air from the case. Higher components of power would need extra cooling and hence be thoughtful about what case to buy.

Step 8) Select an operating system

After buying all above mentioned components, you would want some operating system that can make the system you’ve comprised usable. When it is installed, check online for updates of drivers. Windows is the best OS for gaming. Linux based OS too are rapidly growing but may have constrained gaming support.

Step 9) Get a stand-alone cooler

Usually when it comes to high end computers, the case fans wouldn’t cut it. Going for the liquid cooling would be the best thing to do.

Assembly and Usage Of The System

Step 1) You need to make sure that you have removed all static that is on your hands. This is really very essential. You certainly don’t wish to damage your processing unit. You could get rid of the static by just touching the outer portion of the computer case. You could also choose getting something like anti-static watches or anti-static hand pads as they would give you extra peace to your mind.

Step 2) You need to make sure that you have rigged up all the parts in the case together properly. Rigging up a computer together is more complex compared to what it sounds like. You need to be very careful while putting the parts together or there is a possibility that they might not run.

Step 3) You need to get your computer connected to a television with high resolution or high definition. A very good quality gaming computer will generally be highly powerful when compared to the gaming consoles. You could enjoy your games by connecting the computer to your television of high definition so that you get an experience of the bigger screen along with a power packed performance from your computer. There are plenty of companies which have monitors like Asus or BenQ. A fine standard resolution would be 1920×1080 pixels for high end computers. You could also go with 4K displays. You need to remember that Dee connectors support resolutions that are high than others.

Step 4) Attach your game controller of the console to the computer if you are more comfortable with those controls. Gaming controls of PC could be difficult to learn and difficult to use for those who are more acquainted with the gaming consoles. But you could effortlessly connect the console game controller to the computer and enjoy the games normally.

Well, making a gaming PC for yourselves is not really a herculean task and we have just priced you that! Go ahead and create your own gaming PC!

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