Living Room Design Ideas with Fireplace: Adding a Warm Glow

Living Room Design Ideas with Fireplace: Adding a Warm Glow

Adding a fireplace to a living room is the essential step in creating a warm and cosy ambience, which not only looks stylish and elegant in the summer months but provides the ultimate atmosphere for relaxing in the winter months.

A living room without a fire just lacks character and appeal, so if you are planning out a new remodelling job for the summer then you might want to carry on reading further now for our inspirational fireplace ideas.

When it comes to selecting the right fireplace for you then you have a number of choices that you can make, from a wealth of designs. Whether you are looking for older styled fireplaces, contemporary looking fireplaces, or just plain crazy looking fireplaces, then we are going to take you through some fantastic inspirational fireplace features right now.

The Suspended Fire Place Design

We might as well dive straight in with the weird and wonderful, and you can’t get much more creative than a suspended fireplace.

The Suspended Fire Place Design

These fireplace designs really do bring you home right into the 21st century with a futuristic look. Usually they are suspended in the middle of a living room, where you can see each side of the fireplace.

If you are struggling for room or just don’t want the fireplace hanging from the ceiling you can get them setup on pedestals, with the same 360 degree view of it.

The Log Store Fire Box


If space is an issue in your house or apartment then you might want to look for something smaller than these grand fireplaces. The perfect solution would be a log store fire box which offers a storage compartment at the bottom for chopped up logs, with a raised firebox stove featured just above the storage compartment.

This type of design gives rustic and modern additions to your room, and wonderful views of glowing embers and flames. Perfect for nights in snuggled up on the sofa watching your favorite films.

The Victorian Mantel Fireplace


If you enjoy retro and period designs then you should look no further than Victorian styled mantels which provide elegance, class and style to any living room no matter how big or small. Complete with a cast iron open fireplace, you can sit on a winter’s night in front of the open fire and soak up the terrific atmosphere.

Just be wary that these are grand designed fireplaces so if you live in a particularly small room you may want to look at selecting a smaller fireplace that won’t drown out the room.

Contemporary Gas Fires


If you are not fussed about the fireplaces we have already covered in the article then you may like the contemporary gas fire which goes in hand with the modern interiors you see in living rooms of today. With smart looking framing options, clean lines and remote controlled heating options you don’t have to worry about making fires and hoping that they take.

It’s the lazy option but definitely one of the best designed, as it adds plenty of modern and classic features to brighten up your living room.

The Woodburning Fire


Some woodburning fires are so powerful in performance that they can be used as an alternative to the likes of central heating.  The Lotus M2ST is just one woodburning fire that emits heat for up to 14 hours, and it looks like no other fireplace you have seen before.

Cylinder in shape, and fairly large in size this woodburner has plenty of distinctive features.


Before just jumping in and ordering a fireplace on the fly you want to make sure that you have checked all the details thoroughly with your contractor.

Will it fit in the space where you are planning to have it without disrupting the look or functionality of the room? Check on the measurements and then measure up the area you want it fitting.

Can you realistically have a suspended fire place in your living room or are you best opting for a contemporary gas fire?

These are all the questions that you need to ask yourself before you select a design and style.

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