Living Room Design Ideas for Apartments: Modernizing the Look


You may not live in a three story house but why should you miss out on all the fun of decorating? Apartments are some of the most interesting concepts to take hold of perform miracles with. As with any smaller layout, you are limited to space and what you can do to make the most of it, whether it’s making it look modern, giving the impression its bigger than it is, or just generally revamping an old looking room.

The great thing is that you don’t need to panic, as we have come up with some great little tips and tricks that will give your apartment some life!

We know you are eager to know what these are, so let’s get stuck in with point number 1, below.

Think About Introducing Metallics

It sounds crazy to begin with but bear with us on this point as there is a trick about using metallic. We have already spoken about how mirrors can make a small space appear much larger in past articles but if you don’t have the space to hang a mirror anywhere in your apartment then the next best thing is to use metallic.


Items such as shimmery lamps and fixtures will help reflect light and brighten up your living space in the same way that a mirror would. Don’t go overboard with this effect though as it will end up looking like something out of Star Wars (unless you are particularly going for that look).

Don’t Leave a Corner Empty


One of the oldest tricks in the book for small places is to make use of corners in any way you can. Whether it’s putting a chair in the corner, placing floating shelving units on the wall, or placing a cosy chair to sit back and read a book.

Forget About Big Things, Choose Scaled Down

The next feature that we wanted to look at was the type of furniture you have in your apartment. Remember, you are limited for space so some things you just aren’t going to be able to have in a small living space. I’m talking about big oak tables!


Instead, look for scales down furniture such as upholstered club chairs which are narrower than they used to be, but offer that same stylish look. If there are two of you living in the apartment then look at a table that will accommodate just you two.

Finally, opt for floating shelves instead of complete units that will take up floor space.

Who Said You Can’t Have Plants?

One of the nicest ways to add finishing touches to a room is through plants, and just because you are limited to a smaller living space doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from this feature. You just need to be selective on what plant you choose.


If floor space is becoming increasingly difficult to find then think about using a wall to either hang a planet from, or a shelf to place a plant on. If you do have enough floor space left then a good idea is to put the plant onto some casters so it can be easily moved around the room if you get bored of where it currently is. This is also a neat trick to help you hoover under the plant when you are doing your household chores.

Don’t Press Everything Up Against The Wall

Our final tip for small living rooms in apartments is an easy one but one that people tend to overlook. By pulling furniture away from the wall, even if it is just a few inches will give your room a more open look and feel.

If your furniture is set right back against a wall then you are going to make it look cramped and small, but you will be surprised at what a few inches can do if you were to pull them away


Just because you are limited to space in your apartment doesn’t mean you should be limited to ideas on how you can go about decorating it. We have chosen a handful of tips here for you, that you can start implementing today.

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