Living Room Design Ideas and Photos: Get The Perfect Look

Living Room Design Ideas and Photos: Get The Perfect Look

If you have had the same living room design for years and you are sitting down now with a mug of coffee just looking around thinking that you need some inspiration, a fresh look, or just a small change that will give it a whole new feel then you are in luck.

Why? Because that is what todays post is all about, we are going to look at some living room ideas that will blow your mind. If that’s not all, we are a kind bunch here so we will even throw in some photos so you can picture your living room as it could look with some stylish design ideas.

The one room in anyone’s house that you spend the most time in (awake anyway) is always the living room, it acts as place to engage in conversation, to watch your kids grow up, and it’s a general place to lounge and chill. Therefore it’s important that you get the right feel, so without further ado, here are our top 3 living room ideas.

Going for the Modern Look: Fresh, Airy and Light

white walls

Most living rooms you will see these days have one thing in common; they have chucked out the clutter and removed all the patterns and range of colors to make way for spacious and clean looking environments.

Remember back in the 1980’s everything was crammed in and strange colors were part of everyone’s living room? Well times have definitely changed now as white seems to be the new color.

Why white? It simply adds space and simplicity to the area, and this is particular seen in wall designs where whacky wallpaper has been replaced by white paint.

But this would be boring I hear you say?

To a degree yes but here is the finishing touch to white walls that you need to know about; get some funky wall art. Wall art is the latest trend and when it is placed on a plain white wall the image on the canvas or frame really does stand out. It’s a great way of creating a contemporary modern look. Best of all, it’s cheap to buy paint and some wall hanging can be less than $10.

Make the Most out of Mirrors and Rugs


Another design feature that you may want to think about adding to your living room is  mirrors and rugs as they can add that classic touch.


Mirrors can make a small living room look so much bigger than it actually is. The bigger the mirror the more reflection you are going to get and the bigger the room will look. This design tip is brilliant for those rooms where you want a more spacious feel, a nice little trick don’t you think?


Rugs can either be the centrepiece to your room or they can just be a small addition to give some character. A big rug can be placed under a coffee table in a central position in the room, and a smaller rug can be put directly next to a sofa or run widthways down one side of the room.


Let There be Light!

The third feature to a modern living room is the light, you down have to stick with that old lampshade and 40w bulb anymore. Instead, you now have so many options from LED lighting in the ceiling so nothing is hanging down in the way, or you can have these extravagant and abstract light fixings that can take your room straight from the 50’s into the future.

One popular light fixing is the chandelier which usually contains 4-6 bulbs and offers an incredible light source as the light shines off the glass elements of the fixing.


The other popular ideas in terms of lighting are fixed LED’s that usually fix in flush against the ceiling but provide a strong light. These can also be tilted in different directions (if you can reach), and the bulbs last much longer than your standard bulbs.

Final Word

Just by taking into account these three tips for your living room you can bring it right up-to-date with the times and the best thing is that none of the idea that we have listed here will break the bank, they are all very cost effective changes that can be carried out quickly.

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