How To Turn On PS4 Without The Controller: Our Guide

Whether you’re looking to stream movies, browse the web, or access your Playstation 4 remotely, you might be wondering how to turn on PS4 without controller power.

Sony’s Dualshock 4 is the best controller they have ever designed. Featuring built-in two-point capacitive touch and a three-axis gyroscope, it’s the perfect gateway to the immersive world of gaming. When you’re not gaming, however, you might be wondering how to turn on PS4 without controller buttons for a simpler and more accessible solution.

The eighth-generation Sony video game console has taken the world by storm. Initially released in 2013, the PS4 is still a standard in home gaming rooms. Immense global sales provided reinforcement to the incredible popularity of the console. By the end of September 2018, 86 million consoles shipped worldwide, surpassing the previous generation’s all-time sales. Gamers and entertainment enthusiasts alike purchase the console for gaming, movie streaming, internet surfing, and even catching up with friends.

If you’re late on the bandwagon and have finally picked up your PS4, or if you’re struggling to find out how to turn on PS4 without a controller, you might be confused about remote access and power cycles.

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Power Modes: On, Off, and Rest Modes

Upgrading from a previous gen gaming console is an exciting and often confusing process. Sony has introduced three primary power modes on the PS4; on, off, and rest mode. While the first two are relatively self-explanatory, you might be wondering about the latter. Rest mode, also known as standby mode, puts the PS4 into a very low-power state, with the screen switched off. Think of it as a “sleep” mode on your laptop. Gamers can initiate actions such as downloading files and charging the controller from this state. Rest mode is an excellent feature as it allows gamers to jump straight back into their game or movie without having to undergo a boot cycle.

Players can quickly identify whether their console is in rest mode by the orange light on the front panel. Rest mode settings and applicable functions are in the PS4 settings page under “Power Save Settings.” Enabling rest mode creates a more seamless and immersive entertainment experience without annoying waiting times or losing game progress. This mode is also essential for any smartphone or HDMI CEC (consumer electronics control) functions for those wondering how to turn on PS4 without controller assistance.

Accessing the PS4 with Your Smartphone

The internet has revolutionized gaming consoles. Gamers are now able to send messages, download files, and access PS4 functions remotely from their smartphones. To take advantage of this function, you must download the PlayStation app on your smartphone or tablet on either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Setup and pairing are made simple by a step-by-step guide upon launching the app. Assuming the console is on the same network as your mobile device, the app should automatically find your console. Click on your PS4 from the list of devices. Then, follow the basic instructions provided.

Although this is a great way to access PS4 features without a controller, most games are better with a Dualshock. Only a handful of games can implement Sony’s second-screen function. Furthermore, most developers have apps for this very purpose. However, if you’re wondering how to turn on PS4 without controller help, you might want to check out the app.

How to Turn on PS4 Without Controller Help

Whether you’ve lost your precious Dualshock or you’re simply looking for a more seamless remote solution for streaming or browsing, you might want to know how to turn on PS4 without controller assistance.

Smartphone remote access

If you’ve just connected your mobile device to your PS4, you’ll find a plethora of possibilities. Gamers can utilize this to take advantage of second-screen features for selected games, access the PS4 menu, and put the PS4 into standby mode. Those looking for a more comfortable typing solution can also use their smartphone’s keyboard to type. We believe that this often underrated application is compelling and an excellent tool for serious gamers and hobbyists alike.

Once paired, your smartphone can also be used to switch power cycles, enabling players to switch between on and rest mode. Your PS4 will need to be in rest mode to power up. This action doesn’t work if the unit is entirely switched off. However, if rest mode is activated, this is still one of the easiest and best solutions for those wondering how to turn on PS4 without controller help.

Players will need to remember that to initially pair your smartphone to the console, a controller is required. During the pairing process, gamers will need to navigate to the application settings in the PS4 menu to get a pairing code. Once connected, your smartphone can be used to switch between the rest and on modes without the use of a controller.

HDMI CEC with your TV remote

Modern TVs often come with advanced power features such as HDMI CEC. Put simply, this is a feature that allows the user to turn on devices that connect to the TV. The devices connected via HDMI cable will turn on each time that the TV is switched on. Although manufacturers vary in features and setup, HDMI CEC can be a solution for those that are wondering how to turn on PS4 without controller access. This feature is also popular among those that want a seamlessly integrated and immersive entertainment experience.

Before starting, you will need to check whether this feature is available on their TV unit. You will also need to refer to manufacturer instructions for how to access these settings on your TV. Furthermore, the HDMI CEC solution might not be a preference for all gamers. Some TV units don’t include individual settings for HDMI CEC. That means turning your TV on will also power on your set-top box, sound system, DVD player, and any other devices connected through HDMI. That can be frustrating and counter-intuitive to achieving a seamless gaming setup.

Players might also need to enable this feature in their PS4 settings. Sony calls this feature HDMI Device Link. The setting for enabling this feature is located in system settings and activates by checking the “Enable HDMI Device Link” checkbox. You can also use it to power on the TV when your PS4 is turned on.

Physical button power cycles

Technology often leaves us reliant on wireless and high-tech solutions for simple problems. Players wondering how to turn on PS4 without controller help often overlook the simplest solution. The top button located on the front panel of the console controls the power cycle. Your PS4 is in rest mode if there is a glowing orange light on the front panel. The unit can be switched on by pressing the button for one second. A simple way to turn the PS4 back into rest mode is to repeat the process while the machine is running. Holding the power button for seven seconds forces the console to turn off completely. That ceases all background and internet activity. However, this also requires a controller or a press of the power button to turn the PS4 back on again.

It is important for gamers to follow all official Sony instructions. When plugging or unplugging your PS4 console, remember to power down the device before touching any cables.

Keep Gaming

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Gaming has come a long way from the days of chasing dots and escaping ghosts. With each console release, more intricate and feature-rich services come that make gaming more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you have misplaced or broken your controller or you’re looking for a way to consume entertainment without touching a Dualshock, there is a solution. Gamers have specific needs and expectations from their personal gaming stations. Those simply looking to switch between rest and on modes can use the PlayStation app or even set up HDMI CEC with their TV.

Though, why do gamers want to know how to turn on PS4 without controller assistance? The PS4 is for use with the excellent Dualshock controller system. If you’re concerned about turning the console on for the sole purpose of downloading games or updates remotely, Sony allows this function to run in the background in rest mode. That means turning the device on isn’t necessary at all for this purpose. Pressing the physical button also turns the console on if your controller broke.

Do you have a broken controller? Do you have another solution to turning on the PS4 console without using a Dualshock? We’d love to find out. Let us know in the comments below!

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