How to Play PS2 Games on PS3?

Not only tiny tots, but youngsters too are a great fond of PlayStation and Xbox. It is all due to their popularity, that companies are in the race of launching newer versions to engage the fans.

The first position in the list of such games is taken by PS2 and PS3. Play station 2 is a video game which was produced by Sony computer entertainment. It was released on March 2000.  Play station 3 is also a video game produced by Sony computer entertainment as the after come of play station 2. It was released in November 2006. But even after the release of PS3, the PS2 remains more popular than its counterpart. It was then in 2013 that Sony announced the discontinuation of play station 2. But it was not able to discontinue its popularity.

So now the question arises that can we play PS2 games on PS3? The answer is both yes and no.

How to Play PS2 games on PS3?


We can play PS2 games on 20, 60 and older 80 GB Model of PS3. But we can’t play our favourite PS2 games on the following models of PS3-

  • 40 GB
  • Newer 80 GB
  • 160 GB

These models are not backward compatible with PS2, because the hardware chips in these models fail to perform with the PS2. On the other side, all PS1 games can be played on PS3.

So, how to play PS2 games on PS3?


Hold tight, as you might get to enjoy your favourite PS2 games on PS3. We tell you, how!

Following are the steps for playing PS2 on PS3-
1. First find out that the PS3 model you are having is compatible with PS2 or not. This can be done by checking the bar code sticker of the model.
CECH-Axx(60 GB ) and CECH- Bxx(20 GB ) are  totally backward compatible.
CECH -Gxx, CECH – Jxx , H,K , L ,P,Q are not compatible . Also all the slim models of PS3 are not compatible.
2. After you have calculated that PS3 is compatible or not, insert the PS2 disc. It can be inserted by the same method as we insert a PS3 disc. As soon as the disc is inserted, the PS3 will load it, and now you would get to enjoy your favourite games.

If you want to save your PS2 game progress on PS3, then it can be done by designing an internal memory card. This internal memory card should be designed on the hard disk itself.  You can only create a card of size 8 mb.
3. Previously existing memory card should also be categorized for the PS2 games. But you have to create a new one if any previous card does not exist in slot.
4. Always go for the internal memory card (PS2). Never select internal memory card (PS3) as by selecting internal memory card PS3 original play station games will get stored in this and you won’t be able to load PS2 games.
5. Now assign a slot to the designed memory card. Select the card designed by you. You would see options like slot 1, slot 2 on the screen. Select any one of them as per your choice.
6. As discussed above, one can also use the pre-existing memory card in order to save the PS2 game.
7. Whenever you want to save the game, select the game first and then go for internal memory card PS2. Then press OK to save the game.
8. The memory card which you designed in order to save PS2 games is not permanent and could be easily removed just by clicking on Remove instead of Assign.
9. However, it should be noted that there are only a few versions of the games that are compatible with PS3. While others might sound to be compatible at first look, your gaming experience might get hindered at later stages.


The games that may or may not work on your PS3 include:

  • Gungrave
  • God of war
  • Shadow hearts
  • Yakuza
  • Transformers
  • Ride or die
  • Cold fever
  • Dawn of mana
  1. So is it wide to conclude that it is impossible to play PS2 games on PS3?

The answer is no. You can play some of the PS2 games on even non compatible PS3 by downloading the game again on PS3. You can’t use the old downloaded PS2 game on PS3 but you have to buy a new one.

Keep these things in mind and enjoy your favourite PS2 games on PS3. Let us know what you have to say on this in comments!

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George T - February 10, 2016

Thanks a lot for sharing this informative write up with game lover like me. The above mention list of games does not work on ps3 as you explain .its really a problem with these games.


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