How to Convert a Boring Game Room into a Fun one

There is hardly any time we have for recreation and going out exclusively for having fun is something is a distant thought. Here is where personal game rooms come to our rescue! Result: almost all of us today have a part of the house that we call the game room.

But this being a new thing, most of us are still quite lost at how to make these game rooms actual fun rooms. All we usually do is throw in a few couches and board games in an empty room and expect the Game God to do the rest of the work. Sorry to crush the faith of many, but that won’t happen.

You will have to put in the effort yourself for designing that perfect game room that keeps stress at bay.

Follow these simple rules and make your game room the ideal game room:

Rule 1: Think outside the box.

  • You don’t have to stick to conventional rules while planning your game room. It is YOUR game room and you can make it as funky and quirky as you want it to be!

  • Start with picking a theme for your room.
  • If you like Ninjas then channelize your Ninjaness creatively on your game room walls! It can also be a generic theme like ‘retro’ or ‘football’ but to make it innovative and creative is your job.

 Rule 2: Install a variety of game equipment.

  • Agreed, you should focus on first installing the must haves as far as game equipment are concerned but don’t forget that a game room is a place in your house where there will be people of every age group!
  • A game room thus should have something to offer to everyone. You need to have a variety of game equipment
  • Don’t just stick to pool tables and chess boards. Have something for everyone to enjoy. For example install an air hockey table for the kids while keeping the chessboard for the older.

 Rule 3: Creating the right ambience.

  • Why nothing beats watching live basketball games, sitting in the stadium? Because that ambience cannot be substituted by a television set!
  • The sweat, the cheerleaders, the mascot fights and all the drama and tension of the game cannot be recreated anywhere else.
  • But we cannot go and watch every game we want to, right? What we CAN do is, create an ambience which comes close to matching the one of the actual field. 

The question that naturally arises is how to do it? The few things you can do in your personal game room for creating the right ambience are:

a) Install speakers in the room and play your favorite music. Music accelerates the adrenaline during the game. Imagine playing air hockey with an Eminem track being played in the background- sweet, isn’t it! However, I’ll suggest a jukebox instead of regular speakers as it gives the room the edge

b) Light the place up creatively. Don’t fix regular bulbs in your fun room. You could put neon game room sign boards or swords! This does not in any way mean that the room will not be adequately lit. Special lighting equipment such as an exclusive lamp for a pool table is also recommended. This makes the room look just as good as the outside game parlors.

c) Accessorizing the room:

  1. Now this may sound ancillary but it is rather important to accessorize the room to add to the ambience of the room. Accessories include everything- wall hangings, sign boards, posters, rugs etc. For example changing the flooring pattern to go in tandem with your theme or painting your walls to match your theme transforms the whole look of the room.
  2. Let’s understand accessorizing with a very simple analogy. For example, drinking beer from your personalized beer mugs makes the whole process of drinking more fun. Essentially, accessorizing stands for increasing the appeal of the room which makes it more fun to be in. This is the key element in making your game room different from all others! Use all your innovative energy here.

Rule 4: The food stock should NOT run out.

  • The purpose of a game room is providing recreation. But you cannot even begin to refreshing yourself with an empty stomach, can you?
  • Everyone enjoys popcorn and beer during an intense match, don’t they? So installing a popcorn machine or a soda machine makes perfect sense. 
  • A mini refrigerator in the game room is also a great idea! You won’t have to run to the kitchen to fetch yourself and your friends’ snacks and beer.

Rule 5: Sound and Vision.

  • A game room is the perfect place to watch a live game.
  • Installing a home theater system or a projector in is a very cool idea.
  •  What effectively happens is that your game room changes into a movie hall or a sports bar whenever you want it to be! This is an assured way of keeping your friends and family entertained effortlessly.
  •  Agreed that nothing can replace the live drama and action of a game but this is the closest way of having as much fun as you would in an actual stadium.

 If you have a car, you put in cushions and soft toys to make it more personalized. If you buy a house, you put in all your energy, time and effort in decorating it. So why should the rules be any different for a game room?

The whole purpose of a game room is to be the stress buster and the fun center for all. Thus, putting in that extra effort to make your game room more personalized and different from other game rooms is very important.

The steps you need to take are easy and non time consuming. Almost everything you need to do is a onetime affair- be it fixing creative lighting or accessorizing your room, so it makes perfect sense to invest your time and energy.

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