Game Room Lighting Tips

Choosing the right lighting for a game room is not only essential for the perfect ambience but to also make it appealing to every member of the family. This is as essential as picking the right kind of games and making the correct choices for the room.

The lighting of the room decides the nature of the games you will be playing.  The lighting forms an imperative part of the entire game room as it affects the ambience and atmosphere inside the room.

There are many factors you need to consider while deciding the appropriate lighting for your game room:


  • As the game room is multi-functional and multi-dimensional it is very important to use different kind of lighting all across the room.
  • This will ensure a evenly lit room and maybe special attention on certain areas of the room and be able to handle different game stations and areas.
  •  It is ideal if the room is divided into various gaming zones to ensure proper lighting in each area.
  • For example a hanging light over a pool table, or a nice lamp light next to a chess table will add a good classic touch to the room and light the entire room simultaneously.
  •  It is important to keep every aspect of the room in mind so no area is dimly lit and every part of the room gets adequate lighting. For example people playing poker need ample light so as to not strain their eyes.
  • Another aspect to keep in mind is the furnishing and wall texture in the room while deciding the light. If the walls are of a reflective nature it is advisable to not use very powerful lighting.
  • If the wall paint is dull and of a matte finishing dull light would not quite work and lights which enhance the paint color can be considered. It would be wise to consult an interior decorator on the matter while choosing the lighting.


  • It is very important to strategize the location of your lighting as too much focus on a particular gaming area might cause unwanted glare and put an unpleasant strain on the eye which is not ideal.
  • The source of light should be different for different areas of the room.
  • It is better to have individual pieces of lighting next to the different gaming centers to allow adequate lighting according to that particular area in the room.
  • Think of what kind of theme you want in the entire room and choose the lighting to complement it. For example a direct light on the pool table might become to glaring and hamper the game.
  • If the lighting fixtures are permanent then I would recommend putting the gaming tables around the lights.
  • If not, try to analyze where you can put the furniture so they are adequately highlighted with the right lighting.
  • The furniture should not hamper movements and there should be an easy flow of movement from one point to the other.
  • The eating and snack joint should be easily accessible from all parts and should be adequately lit as well. The lighting should complement the positioning of the furniture so everything falls into place comfortably and everything is lit in a nice and decorative.
  •  It is important to decide the location of the furniture first and then compliment it with the right lighting to highlight different moods in the room.


  • The gaming room should be such it initiates conversation among people and is a good room to socialize with everyone.
  • The lighting should not be too distracting or irritating to prohibit conversation- such areas should be dimly lit and not too glaring. Bright light can be used in other areas where the food and snacks are kept where people don’t gather to talk much.
  • People are more and more choosing gaming rooms where they can meet and catch up and take a good break from their busy schedule.
  • Children like to lighten up after a long day of school and play with their friends hence the lighting should be friendly for eyes of children as well.
  • The lighting can be remote controlled to change its different tones to suit different social settings- dim for a party, loud for teenager’s get-together and so on.
  • While deciding the lighting keep in mind what kind of gaming equipment needs lighting and choose the ones that best suit the game and what kind of game is being played.
  • For a game of chess very strong lighting would be distracting as the game needs a lot of concentration and for a game of poker or cards dim lighting would inhibit a good game.
  • A game where kids play require the right kind of light so as to not strain their eyes.
  • If the gaming room is also a media center then the light should not be too strong as they will reflect through the television panel and should not be directly in way of the television.
  • As the television will throw light of its own it is important to keep a dim light so they both supplement the lighting in a combined fashion.
  • Having the right kind of lighting can make all the different between a dull and boring gaming room to that one dripping with excitement and fun.
  • It should provide satisfaction to your gaming experience and bring it alive with excitement.

In conclusion the gaming room lighting has a very important effect on the entire gaming experience and cannot be ignored or overlooked. If the room is a cross between a lounge bar and a pub styled room different kind of lighting can be mixed and matched to get the desired effect.

At the end of the day just be creative and innovative and play around with different light textures, light colors and light tones to find that perfect match that makes your room sophisticated and royal yet lively with thrill and action.So with all these ideas you can mix and match and put your own imagination and make your gaming room come alive.

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