Game Room Fixtures and Furniture Fixing: 5 Essential Things to Remember

A game room is a recreation room , stepping into which people bust all the stress they  have accumulated. There is no age bar to having fun in games. But most of us often ignore a very imperative aspect of a perfect game room- the game room fixtures. People usually think that an arcade table or a pool table and a few chairs are all you need for a game room. But one soon finds out that without the accommodating furniture and fixtures, one can never create the perfect game room.

Game room furniture and fixtures ares so important because of the following reasons:

  • A game room is a place where you can relax after a long day’s work. You can beat your friend at a Foosball game and forget all about the stressful day. Comfortable furniture is necessary to make the setting conducive for relaxation.  Imagine this: You come back home, dead tired. You call your friends over for a pool game and the only furniture you have are uncomfortable stools. Sure, friends make you forget about all your troubles but comfortable couches would only make the process easier and more enjoyable, right?
  • Fixtures in a room greatly help in adding to the decor of the room. A room which has comfortable couches and cushions is not just more comfortable but also more beautiful than compared to a room without them.
  • If you install fixtures like a home theater in your game room and have a comfortable seating arrangement, then your game room transforms into the stadium whenever there is a big game on. Just call your friends, have popcorn and soda ready for all, and voila ! The magical atmosphere is recreated in your game room, only more comfortable.

There are many different types of furniture that you can place in the room. The most important ones are listed below:


  • All types of game tables such as pool tables, Foosball tables and poker tables come in this category. Whenever you think of a game room, these tables almost automatically come to your mind. It is smart to buy the 2-in-1 tables. If you turn these tables then another game table is ready for your service.
  • Game board tables should also be bought. These tables serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they are apt for board games such as playing cards, carom, chess, etc.
  • Secondly, they are perfect for resting your drinks while you sit around it on chairs and couches and relax

Chairs and couches

There are many chairs and couches that one can buy for a game room. But the ideal ones are:

  • Wooden/ Plastic chairs around board game tables: This is of course an absolute must. You cannot expect your friends and family members to stand around game boards and play. It should be kept in mind that these chairs are comfortable to sit on for long hours because as we know, board games which start with the intention of being played for an hour usually end up rolling into hours. I bet all you poker players could not agree more, could you?
  • Couches around the room: It is always nice to have a few couches scattered in the room. They serve as a friend for that one non-gaming kind of friend that you may have. Light weighted couches are preferable than the rather heavy ones so that they may be dragged easily. Odds are high that your non-gamer friend will get busy on his/her phone comfortably sitting on the couch while all you other gamers  are sitting in a close knit circle around the board game. Bean bags are also a good choice to have in your game room- they are comfortable, light weighted and not very expensive.
  • Reclining chairs with stereo speakers: These are the best luxury chairs you can buy for your game room especially if the game room is hub to a lot of video game players. They are comfortable beyond compare and they have speakers set in the headrest giving the person the ultimate gaming experience ever!

 Home Theater

Nothing beats going to the stadium and watching a big game from the best seats. But let’s get realistic. How many times can we afford to take time off our busy schedules and plan such a thing? Sadly, very little.

So the best option for us is to recreate the stadium like atmosphere at home. This purpose is achieved by installing a Home Theatre system. So whenever there is a big game, you can all your friends over to your place, get the popcorn and soda ready and enjoy the game ten times more!

Adding a big screen TV and gaming consoles are great for video gamers. There are few things that are to be taken care of while installing a home theater and big screen TV. These are:

    • A proper stand must be found for installing the whole set up. It is very essential that cluttering is avoided.
    • Instead of having a regular stand, one with cabinets should be bought. They help in organizing console discs, chords and different video games. Trunks can be used for storing discs and other important things while at the same time they can be used as tables.

Having a customized game room bar:

  • When we talk about game room bars, they don’t have to be as fancy and swanky as outdoor bars.
  • A bar in a game room may comprise of a sink and a refrigerator if there is less space.
  • Few comfortable stools and shelves or racks where glasses and drinks can be put are essentially the basic elements of a bar.


When we talk about fixtures, accessories of the game room get primary focus.

  • Different accessories like small billboards and other wall decorations like posters, sign boards and mirrors can be installed.
  • A coat hanger usually comes in very handy.
  • If there is a theme that you have selected for your game room, then it is best that the accessories are in tandem with it. For example, if the theme of the room is Football then having football shaped mugs, rugs, dart boards, cushions and things like that, make the room look very trendy.

The game room is usually the best room of the house where everyone can get together and have so much fun together! Spend enough time deciding on how you want to set it up. It is advisable to do some research before you plan to design the room.

Also, in an attempt to design your perfect game room, do not end up cluttering it. Buy furniture and fixtures that can be accommodated properly in your room. Keep these points in mind and you will have a personalized recreational center, in your very own house!

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