Family Entertainment In Game Room – Segregation and Congregation

Gone are the days when people spent quantity and quality time with family members. In today’s modern world, the pace of life is so hectic that families, work and time have undergone tremendous changes. Work has expanded, time has shrunk and families have undergone a sea change- from joint families to nuclear ones and in nuclear families- from three/four kids to one kid or two. Families do not have time to sit down and enjoy together. People are so much engrossed in their day to day activities. The time for rejoicing and having fun is sidelines in these busy times. You really need to have fun-filled activities in order to elevate your mood and the fun filled activities can be possible in a game room.

Interaction-destroying activity- an example

Nowadays, we don’t get to see kids playing in the grounds or sweating it out through outdoor activities such as cricket, football, shuttle or even the simple hide-and-go-seek. They are addicted to video gaming which probably exercises only their thumbs and fingers. This is really a bad mode of enjoyment for the kids because this is absolutely unhealthy entertainment.

  • Such gamers usually remain isolated and stay immured in their Television sets, but gaming with family in the game room removes the negative effects of isolation like moodiness, gloominess, lethargy and introversion.
  • Any activity that is done jointly enhances bonding. It’s generally teenagers who indulge in gaming and so gaming with family becomes essential to create a lifelong bond. Family gaming helps us to keep an eye on teenagers and also gain their confidence.
  • This will prevent them from unnecessary interaction with unknown gamers and individuals who may have a negative influence on them.
  • When was the last time you indulged in fun activities with your family members? Think! Think! Still thinking? That shows it’s been really long!

I am now going to present you with two scenarios.

Scenario 1

In a family of three, the father likes solving crossword puzzles while watching a match on television, the mother likes painting and the child likes playing video games. So each one of them disappears into separate rooms to do what they wish. So where is the interaction here?

Scenario 2

  • In a family of three, the father likes solving crossword puzzles while watching the match on television, the mother likes painting and the child likes playing video games. They all walk into one room called the activity room.
  • The father, pen and paper in hand, sinks into a comfortable leather sofa placed in one corner. It faces a wall on which a television has been mounted. The mother moves towards another corner where she has placed her canvas on an easel.
  • The kid gravitates towards the gaming computer. Though all of them our engaged in their own activities, there is interaction among them. Each one helps the other and a sense of bonhomie is created.
  • So the best way to spend quality time with your family is to indulge in games and activities based on the likes and interests of each person, but all in one room. This needs modification of an existing room which requires some planning and involvement of the whole family.

So let’s design an activity room which will help you create evergreen memories and have a lot of fun. This is what I will be putting across to you in today’s article.

Where do you begin?

Well begun is half done. Follow these simple steps and your activity-based family room will emerge from your mind and change into a concrete structure.

  • The most important step is to sit down and have a chat with everyone. Ask them to list out their desires and hobbies
  • Make a list of these
  • Make a list of the furniture, games, gadgets and other such things that contribute to the desire or hobby
  • Plan out the budget
  • Remember, lighting and ventilation play an important role in such a game room
  • Ergonomics plays a vital role. So scout around for furniture that is comfortable and posture-friendly. Choose ones that are also not too heavy so that you can easily rearrange them as per your wishes
  • You want the room to be cheerful. So focus on the colors you would like to paint your walls with to make them look vibrant and lively. A mixture of warm colors like orange and red can be coordinated with cool colors like blue and green with a dash of sunshine yellow to elevate your mood
  • You can also put up posters of your favorite painter, gamer, sports person or anyone whom you look up to. You can even put up some quotations or proverbs that inspire you

Now, having got your room ready, you can sit back and review the advantages of time spent with family:

  • Bonding: Segregation of activities is important but more important is the congregation of family members. Both these are achieved in a common activity room. This builds a rapport among family members
  • Allows us to get to know each other’s interests better
  • Allows us to gain expertise in many games or develop new interests by the influence of others
  • Helps in sharing lighter moments with each person in the family
  • Acts as a stress- buster. We all know that laughter is the best medicine. Such group activities help in creating lighter moments thereby reducing stress

We are all familiar with the adage: “A family that eats together stays together.” But to suit today’s fast-paced world where we have to snatch time for interaction, I feel it would be more appropriate to change it to “A family that plays together, stays together.”

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