Designing a Game Room for your Family

In today’s technology driven world, people are losing interest in playing games as social media and internet has taken over our lives. In this mundane life adding a bit of fun or color won’t harm you- in fact it will be a good way to bring the family together and maybe have a “game night” every week. It would be a good get together and increase the level of involvement among family members.

Spotting the Right “Spot”

Locating the right sweet spot for the gaming room in the house is a must. First of all you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • What kind of games would you be interested in playing?
  • What kind of equipment would you be requiring?
  • If you require something as big as a pool table where can you accommodate it?
  • What kind of additional furniture would you need?

Keeping such points in mind is key as it will help lay the décor of the room. Most people convert their basements into a gaming room, however with today’s virtual games catching up you can even convert your media room into a gaming room. Pool tables require a minimum space of 17×14 and if this type of place is not available try accommodating other games which require less space like board games, puzzles etc.

Key Elements in the Room

  • In case you are fond of card games like Poker, Black Jack, Snap etc a good poker table can come in handy. Another neat trick can be to have a table with a reversible table top which can serve for playing board games as well as serving food and snacks
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  • There can be a comfortable seating area on the floor to solve puzzles or for playing other interactive board games such as Cookie Island etc.
  • There can be another seating arrangement of four people where board games like Monopoly, Ludo, Picnic etc can be played where atleast four people can be seated comfortably.
  • You can also decorate your room with some vintage video games such as Hogan’s Alley, or a Shooting Duck game which is sure to be a good attraction point.
  • If you want to go for a funky bar styled theme you can add a darts board to one of the walls.
  • Another innovative idea would be to paint a hopscotch board on the floor which you can play at any time.
  • A good amalgamation would be if you can use your television and added sound equipment in order to enhance your virtual gaming experience with the advent of PlayStation and Wii.
  • Another element which must not be overlooked is that the food and snacks should always be available as this keeps the environment lively and active. You can keep a cabinet especially for snacks and drinks for children and maybe some beer for teenagers or older people to really put a feel into the whole place.
  • If space allows you can also insert a small bowling alley lane as this would be a hit among everyone and make your gaming parties come alive.

At the end of the day it is your interests and what kind of activities you enjoy that will decide what kind of a gaming room will tick for you

Putting the Pieces Together

  • After deciding you want a game room and deciding a location for it, it is imperative to plan where each piece of furniture and gaming will go as this will affect the entire decor  of the room and how everyone will interact. One corner as mentioned should be kept for the snacks and drinks which can be easily replenished.
  • gameroomgames
  • It is important to decide what the key highlight of your room will be- the chess table, snooker table etc as everything else will be decorated around this.
  • It is important to decide a floor texture which is not too slippery and not too rough to play on. If it is too slippery it might cause accidents and if it is too rough it might cause friction especially for ball games. Hence the right flooring is essential.
  • The next step is the lighting. There should be enough light to illuminate the whole room however stronger light might be needed to highlight your main attraction which might be your pool table or snooker table or chess table.
  • Along with the lighting comes the decorations and walls. If you are scared of unwanted accidents and do not want to use pictures and paintings you can get funky characters painted on your walls or scenes from epic movies depicting a game for example scene from Lord of the Rings or Avengers which you can relate to. If the game is more for kids you can go for characters like Mario to get them excited. However this depends entirely on your budget and how you want to manage the room. You can keep fiddling around with the settings and positions of the game equipment till you are happy with the arrangement.

Deciding as a Family

A game night is meant to be an interactive session that brings together the entire family and hence it is very important to take everyone’s ideas into account and work together into bringing the gaming room alive. If you have kids it is important to design the room in such a fashion where the kids can have their little corner as well and grown ups can come and play as well. It would require a good amalgamation of your imagination to bring the right mixture into the room so it is universally appealing to every member of different age categories.

It is important to sit together as a family and decide what games can be introduced and purchased as this would be a long term investment and requires some thinking into. You should also get in touch with an interior decorator who can help give you ideas on designing and decorating the room.

At the end of the day the main purpose of the room is to bring everyone as a whole for at least one fun filled night a week so go ahead and have fun with it because ultimately your game room will be your FUN room.

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