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Bean Bag Furniture OR Gaming Chairs?

The object of this article is to highlight the battle between bean bag furniture and gaming chairs: Which of the two is the royal seat in the game room? Let’s start with understanding the key features of both the contenders. Bean Bag Furniture This type of furniture includes big sack like fabric chairs which are […]

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Game Room Lighting Tips

Choosing the right lighting for a game room is not only essential for the perfect ambience but to also make it appealing to every member of the family. This is as essential as picking the right kind of games and making the correct choices for the room. The lighting of the room decides the nature […]

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The ABC of Planning your Game Room

When buying a house, most people reserve the basement as the game room area. But what usually happens is that the basement quickly converts into the dumping ground of the house and our dreams of having our personalized recreational area go down the drain. It’s only when we face the summer blues or the deadly […]

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