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Gaming room: Things that matter

When it comes to gaming room, most of us tend take that lightly. However, if properly planned your gaming room can be both your personalized place which you can use to relax in your leisure times, and your temple where you can connect to yourself. It can be the place where you can hang out […]

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A Game Room Specifically For Kids!

Human brain is a complex organ that operates all the time. Even when asleep, the human brain keeps on performing some involuntary activities that continue our life. But, is brain just a machine? Doesn’t it require rest or recreation? Surely it does. It has been rightly said that “all work and no play, makes jack […]

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Home Theatre In The Game Room

In the fast paced world and surroundings of today, we are left with very little or no time to spend with our families. People are so engrossed in their work and jobs that their blissful life sometime seems to have gone for a toll. No one might blame you for not being able to take […]

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The Perfect Illumination

Undoubtedly, it is the right time we have realized the importance of spending quality time with our families. So how can we ignore the location that is proving its worth in present day houses? The simply designed and sufficiently spaced location that just knows to set your mood just right. The game room. Planning a […]

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Adding Romance To The Play Area!

Every individual in the family is a sole representative of the whole family. They treat the society in the same way they are treated in the family. The same habits are inculcated and the same manners go a long way the whole life. That is what makes it very important for the efficient grooming of […]

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Gaming room ideas with an exciting twist

The whole gaming experience has changed over the years. The passion for gaming has always been great. But these days it has truly reached innovative levels. Haven’t we learnt how to design our bedrooms, office, kids’ rooms, and for that matter our kitchens? It is time we start thinking about designing and choosing a gaming […]

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Create A Game Room For Family Fun

‘A family that eats together, prays together and plays together, STAYS TOGETHER’ In today’s modern world, influenced not only by different cultures but also by busy schedules, where the actual grooming of the kids is put in hands of maids by the so-occupied parents, there has to be something that can still help us bind […]

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