Bean Bag Furniture OR Gaming Chairs?

The object of this article is to highlight the battle between bean bag furniture and gaming chairs: Which of the two is the royal seat in the game room? Let’s start with understanding the key features of both the contenders.

Bean Bag Furniture

This type of furniture includes big sack like fabric chairs which are filled with polystyrene beads, dried beans or other similar substance. The interesting thing about bean bag furniture is that it has an amorphous nature:  the shape of the chair is set by the user.

Gaming Chairs

A chair customized for playing video games is called a gaming chair.  These chairs come in various styles and varieties. They may have vinyl or cloth covering or expensive leather upholstery for that matter. They are designed to accentuate your gaming experience. The manufacturers of these chairs claim that these seats other than providing comfortable seating have many additional features that are intended to increase the overall gaming experience such as vibrating seats.

Sadly, in the consumerism hit society of today, it is all about following the trend and in this process people ignore the ill effects on their health. Ever since the birth of fancy chairs designed exclusively for gamers, people have blindly started to buy them. However, bean bags are far superior than Let us see how:

  • Most gaming chairs today come equipped with inbuilt vibration panels, multiple surround speakers and even cup holders. As fancy as it sounds, this accessorized chair is actually harming your health. The inbuilt speakers are the biggest enemy of your eardrums. We keep reading about how harmful and damaging high volume can be for our auditory and nervous system and what do we do about it? We choose to ignore these facts and go for the fancy looking chair.
  • While most bean bags were initially filled with foam beads, most manufacturers now prefer shredded memory foam. This helps maintain the shape of the beanbag chair. With this modification, the former amorphous bean bag now does not lose its shape and provides adequate support. Gaming chairs are harder to the touch as compared to beanbag chairs. Most gamers are addicted to their video games and end up playing for hours on a stretch. However, after a long time sunk in a hard chair, your lumbar system is subjected to havoc. Doctors recommend bean bag furniture for those who have back issues
  • Bean bags give a very ‘retro’ look to the room which modern technology gaming chairs fail to do. They were initially used in game rooms as a decorative item only. But this is before bean bags cemented a concrete place in the gaming room when they became ‘gaming friendly’. It became an integral part of the game room and not without reason- they are stylish, comfortable and also friendly to your lumbar system because unlike gaming chairs, they do not cause any pressure to the lumbar system.
  • Bean bags are also more convenient in a game room because they are so light. They can easily be dragged to any corner of the game room that you wish to. This is in sharp contrast to heavy gaming chairs laden with so many attachments and accessories that moving them around is very cumbersome. So if you invite a lot of friends over for a gaming evening and decide to move the furniture around to make more space, you will have to put in ten times the effort if you have gaming chairs than if you have bean bag furniture.
  • Bean bag furniture is known to improve one’s posture. Good posture has been known to improve a person’s physical health. For example back and joint pain is effectively tackled when you have a good posture. This is the most appealing feature of bean bag furniture. Gaming chairs on the other hand are often slouched. While they look very swanky and fancy, if you park yourself in them for long hours, then your posture will have a great set back and have an early hunch dooming over you.
  • Not only do bean bags improve your physical health, they also play a role in promoting good mental health. The reason is very simple. Bean bag furniture is so comfortable that it relaxes you thereby decreasing emotional distress. Research proves that uncomfortable furniture at workplaces is a major reason for causing headaches. Now this might not sound plausible to you but it is scientifically true. The biggest disadvantage of improper posture is the damage this does to your shoulders and neck. Bad posture may cause constriction of blood vessels and thus causing severe headaches. It is because of this reason that progressive companies like Google are doing away with the conventional office furniture and installing bean bag furniture for their employees. Now, if this issue is being taken up so seriously at such a big level then you can at least take some personal initiative and replace your game room furniture with bean bag furniture.

Moreover, gaming chairs are much smaller in shape as compared to bean bag furniture. This adds to the issue of discomfort. Not all gamers are skinny and short that they could comfortably sit in these gaming chairs. In fact what we see today is that even the skinny ones after months of being glued to their video games along with their snack packets become bloated. Not having a wide enough chair may cause organs in the abdomen to get constricted because the uneven weight distribution. Beanbag chairs on the other hand are wide and accommodating to people of all sizes and so weight gets evenly distributed when you’re resting yourself on a beanbag chair.

  • Moreover, bean bag furniture come in a variety of shapes and sizes and thus meet the requirements of every person. Gaming chairs usually have one standard size.
  • A new design of beanbag chairs allow them to fold out into a bed or a sofa. This makes a bean bag chair multipurpose and worth your money. Some beanbag chairs are designed to fold out into a bed.

Thus we see that bean bag chairs allowing for support and variation ensure good health in body as well as mind to gamers. This, when clubbed with their stylish look is a brilliant combination. To accentuate your gaming room and your gaming experience, get your bean bag chair, TODAY!


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