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Onikuma Gaming Headset Review and Buying Guide

Onikuma Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets have become more than an accessory to serious players. They’ve become standard equipment. Looking for an Onikuma gaming headset review means you’re looking for something beyond the flimsy offerings of Microsoft or Sony. It means you’re interested in taking the audio and communication aspects of a good gaming headset to the next level. […]

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Notes for Creating a Gaming PC on Your Own

Making a gaming computer is more than about just looking cool. It is more about the power. It could give you the edge and make you win! You must be wondering as to what parts are really essential for performance of gaming. We provide you notes by advising how to build a gaming PC. Take […]

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Tips to Play Games Better On Your Laptop

When it is about the raw performance, laptops have always been lagging behind when compared to desktops. However, they are in popularity for their portability. Not every person would like being attached to a desktop while they play games. Besides, if you wish to carry the computer to play multiplayer games with your friends, gaming […]

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Why Football Manager 2016 is More Awesome Than Ever?

The Sports Interactive-developed this fantastic game and announced it on September 7, 2015, though its version compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux was released on November 13, 2015.  Football Manager Touch, will soon be released for both PC and high-end tablets, and is expected to serve in front of you the perfect streamlined experience. […]

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How to Play PS2 Games on PS3?

Not only tiny tots, but youngsters too are a great fond of PlayStation and Xbox. It is all due to their popularity, that companies are in the race of launching newer versions to engage the fans. The first position in the list of such games is taken by PS2 and PS3. Play station 2 is a video game […]

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Fifa 2016 Review: The Plus and Minus

You don’t get to see direct free kicks commonly in FIFA 2016. However, if you manage to commit a foul, right outside the eighteen yard box, a small cut scene will appear wherein the defensive wall is marched by the referee around ten yards before a line of spray vanishes. It is close to reality […]

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The Xbox 360 Reviewed

The latest Xbox 360 from Microsoft is a video game console that is highly reliable. It provides consistent multimedia and gaming experiences to the users. Though there are many gaming consoles of the next generation available currently, the Xbox 360 manages to provide high quality video games that are over a thousand in number, and […]

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