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ASTRO Gaming A50 PS4 has been the talk of the town amongst all the PS4 lovers since it burst into the scene. This refurbished wireless headset with all its unique features does not only captivate by the dint of its looks but also takes the pleasure of gaming to a new level with its technology. The practical hazards of a headset that the user used to faces have been minimized to a great level in this headset. Gamers feel that due to the clarity of this head set, their involvement with the game has increased a few manifolds but at a premium comfort level without discomforting the ears. If you are a play station lover, this device should definitely be of your liking.

Features of ASTRO Gaming A50 PS4

By this time you must have started wandering what is it really about the A50 headset that has drawn such positive response from its users. The salient features are scripted as under:

  1. Sound: The first thing that crosses your mind on the mention of a particular television is the quality of image it provides. Similarly mention of a head set draws your attention towards its sound quality. In other words this is one attribute of a headset which defines the product. The Dolby 7.1 surround sound along with clarity of ASTRO A50 will not only enthrall you but also would take you to a zone of yours.
  1. Wireless: Gone are the days when we could use a gadget only within the periphery of the wire length. The world of gadgets has mostly gone wireless and this headset is no different. With the aid of a wireless 5.8 ghz Kleernet Technology, this presents the gamers with an opportunity to play even while being mobile with optimum clarity. This works at a high frequency compared to some of the other wireless devices.
  1. Compatibility: ASTRO Mix Amp Pro acts as a controller which is a common feature in most of the modern Audio device. This technology enhances the experience of audio and video streaming. The use of A50 and the transmitter confirms the fact that this is attuned for any platform be it PS3, PS4, mobile or even a PC.
  1. Design: Despite some of its striking features, the design of this gadget is uncomplicated. This has primarily three Audio profile settings. The “Pro”, The “ Core” and the “Media”. The MIC uses a noise gate which nullifies the background noise. Physically, it is light and needs to be kept over the ears for its proper function.. It also has a stand along with, which holds the gadget when not in use.
  1. Looks: It may well be termed as the “Black Beauty”. The two ear pad of the head set gives a delicate look to the product while the stand gives a sense of strength. The “A50” written in blue silhouetted against the black body looks elegant. The product thus strikes the right balance look wise.

Pros and Cons


  • Considering the features, it is an economical buy.
  • A completely new gaming experience with exceptional clarity.
  • Easy to use and handle, given its weight.
  • The noise in the background becomes redundant and your companion only picks up your voice.
  • The sound can be adjusted, which makes it very comfortable for the user.
  • The Battery strength stretch almost to 7hours.
  • It also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack which can be connected to a phone or any other device.
  • This is not only confined to PS4. It can be used with PS3 also.
  • This can be charged and played simultaneously unlike the previous models.
  • The “over the ear” model of this headset is preferable over the other headset with ear plugs.
  • Listening to music is also an option.
  • The use of the Kleernet wireless technology would make you feel in the midst of a live battle while gaming.
  • You would completely detach yourself from the surrounding with no interference of unwanted sound.
  • This is compatible with most of the popular platforms.
  • The “MIC mute” is one of the features of this set which gives you the freedom to mute whenever you wish to.
  • Dolby 7.1 adds the extra bit to the excitement of the game.
  • This is user friendly.
  • The foam material is soothing on the ears and makes this perfect for the long gaming sessions.
  • Volume control and selection of the sound profile are features that give this product an edge over the other similar products.


This product leaves very little to complain about itself. However, there are some minor glitches which could have been taken care of. Like the mic is fixed. It can only be flipped upside or downwards, which may not that great a hindrance. Very rarely the microphone picks up certain noise which creates a buzz. The bass could have been a little more prominent than what we find in this.

In favor

The users can follow certain points mentioned below which would help them get optimum satisfaction out of this product:

  • While using the head set, care should be taken of the overhead arch while gliding up and down.
  • Whether in use or not, charging of this headset can be done vide any active USB port. You can charge it through your computer or a router or any such port.

All said and done, I feel this is a product for all the PS4 users and the gamers. Given all its positive attributes, this product is definitely here to stay with an elongated life cycle. For me ASTRO Gaming  A50 PS4 deserves a praiseworthy mention.

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