Adding Romance To The Play Area!

Every individual in the family is a sole representative of the whole family. They treat the society in the same way they are treated in the family. The same habits are inculcated and the same manners go a long way the whole life. That is what makes it very important for the efficient grooming of the children.

Present day families are usually working families where parents merely have time for their children. And baby-sitters? Don’t forget, they are PAID EMPLOYEES after all.

Play Rooms Play An Important Role


  • Play rooms have found to be playing a very important role in shaping the families perfect.
  • The overall idea of having a location set in your houses has turned wide from just providing children with a place to play and grow, to spending quality time with the family.
  • Come home tired after a day full of work and stress, have dinner and sleep, has stopped making a lot of sense to people today.
  • Instead looking out for resources to relax after a tiring day, chit-chat and make memories is setting itself in trend.

Play Rooms Or Game Rooms

  • Play rooms or game rooms are put up with just one motive – RECREATION. Be it children or their parents, recreation doesn’t settle for less.
  • Where in kids, it settles by calling their friends for their birthday treats every year, in grown-ups it takes a little more.
  • Grown-ups might want to call their friends over every weekend or fortnight for a get-together where they’d drink, dance and enjoy, or the couple might just want some time, sitting cuddled with each other with a bottle of wine and their never ending romance.

Romance Is Necessary For Life


  • Romance is an important part of every individual’s life. It is not only about the doer’s contentment but also about the gainer’s bliss.
  • Romance is not just about the 5-star hotel candle light dinners or holidays that might cost you a fortune.
  • Romance is in the little things the couple does for each other and together.
  • From buying flowers to tasting the stars, romance sets it place. So, what can be more convenient for any youthful romantic couple than a location as close to another room in their house?
  • And when the idea of romance is combined with the idea of the game room, it creates for you a perfectly set location at your own place.

As said, romance is simple. Let’s get started.

  • You don’t need to re do the whole space once again.
  • Neither do you have to spend a lot of money.
  • It is there in the simple touches that people tend to ignore while deciding things.
  • Just a few good decorating ideas and a bit of personal touch.
  •  Colors affect the mood. From the walls to anything that you bring-in in your play room, carefully decide the colors. Warm and earthy colors go better and a long way than impersonal choices.
  • The next choice, that is what should be put on the walls, needs a little more thought. While a vigorous painting of an animal can be good, it is hardly romantic. Choose softer themes, artistic and exotic frames.
  • Mirrors also add a lovely dreamlike effect, increasing the personal romantic effect of the room.
  • Lightning is a very important factor that affects romance. Romance demands warm, soft and muter lightning.

Even if you’ve installed big lights in your room thinking about the eye-sight of your children, make sure that they can be replaced with the other ones you’d choose to match your romantic theme.

Corner lamps and table lamps also add the flavor.

  • Furniture, while the idea is to relax, bar stools or game chairs alone wouldn’t help.
  • A comfortable sofa at one side of the room is must for you to relax and sit cuddled with your partner.

Bar table. A bar table put at one corner of the room, decorated with the bottles of wine and scotch would surely add on to the overall romantic theme.

  • You would surely not want your children’s toys or video games to disturb the essence of romance. Look out for furniture which has storage under the cushions or place a cupboard that matches your theme.
  • Add rugs, carpets, scallops and tall curtains.
  • Consider adding soft throw pillows and cushions.
  • A fireplace, working or fake, might sound a-little-too-much for your play area. But if you have enough space, it adds on a lot to the romantic ambiance.

Don’t forget, you’d also encounter times, when you and your partner could be too tired or drunk to climb back to your bedroom. Think about having enough resources to spend in your room a good-night with the only essence of romance. A breakfast table, with seating for two, which wouldn’t occupy a lot of space either, should be considered. Whoever wakes up early the next morning can serve breakfast to the other person there itself.

And then, one day, when you’d come home before your partner is back, you’d have a perfect place to surprise her. Place candles around the room, in holders matching your decor. Burn Incense or place bowls of potpourri around your romantic room that will look lovely, freshen and romanticize your room, and bring in the fragrance romance prefers.

Let the idea of being FOCUSED and RELAXED remain. FOCUSED, for the play room was not only decided to romance and RELAXED, for romance is also important.

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