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My name is Ben Laymon. I was graduated 15 years ago from a well-known architecture design university in the US. From there on, I started and have developed my job as the architecture design. However, my main design focuses on designing game shop and cyber cafe. In other words, it is the entertainment places but is highly computerized.

I own a small business for designing game and cyber café shop. My business is small with 3 other employees but design orders are going to increase day by day. In the future, I will plan to expand my business out of my state by opening more branches and improving online services.

I have a great interest in pursuing the design of a game shop or cyber café since I was young. People may think that game or entertainment is for the children or teenager but now a lot of adults are fond of game also. Designing the game shop or cyber café is also the same as you design the layout of the ordinary room. So it is not easy at all.  Through my blog you can find a lot of complicated layouts for a game shop and cyber café that I have made for plenty of my customers which can prove for my above statement.

In the past, when the demand for playing game was not so high then my job was not busy as it is now. Currently, in order to fulfill all the orders in time I have to work with some other partners who can help me in some kinds of tasks such as customer service, back-up service and so on. To reduce time and make use of this blog, customers can order directly online through the blog. In my free time, I can have direct conversation with my customers through this blog. It acts as a very effective tool for communicating with my customers as well as presenting my ideas.

Besides, I have tried to introduce in my blog the latest categories of design layout for a game shop or a cyber café in the world with plenty of design and decoration styles. Visitors can download them for reference through which they can create their own shop without asking the designers if they are creative enough to make their own design.

To make my job different from others, I have provided the back-up service for my designs, meaning after the design is made the customers will be kept in touch to make sure that the design of the game shop or the cyber café works well. I will change the design according to current situation as a bonus of the contract without fee.

After period of designing, I find out that a lot of people would like to design their own game and café shop even though they may have limited knowledge about that. Therefore, I started posting and now in a regular basis, around 3 times a week; I post relevant tips and tricks which are hints in designing a game shop and cyber café. Then, instead of being the direct designer, I could be the design consultant for my customers. This is also the way helping me to improve my design capacity and creation.

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