A Step by Step Guide to Decorating your Game Room

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There is no age bar for enjoying games. From kids to adults to oldies; everyone has fun in a game room. A game room is the easiest way of keeping your friends and family entertained. It’s fun and effortless. It works as the stress busting center. But designing a gaming room is much more than just throwing a game table or a game board in an empty room.

Here’s a step by step process of how to decorate your gaming room:

Step 1: Choosing the theme.

  • The first step in decorating any room is selecting the right theme. For example, you may have a ‘Star Wars’ theme and choose to decorate the walls with lightsabers, whips and batons among other ‘Star Wars’ specific items.
  • It might also be a very generic theme like ‘retro’ or ‘space’.
  • The fun bit is that it can be whatever you want it to be, as quirky and abstract as you like!

Step 2: Selecting the furniture.

  • The ideal furniture for your game room should not just be comfortable but it should be in tandem with the theme selected by you. For example, if you choose the theme for your game room to be Retro then a classic wooden bar or pub stools will be great!
  • Another thing that should be kept in mind about game room furniture is that along with adding appeal to the
    room, they should also serve multiple purposes.
  • Let’s say you want to install a television stand.
  • Now, instead of having a regular television stand installed what one can do is have an adjustable and configurable TV stand installed.
  • These stands add to the decorative charm and serve as a perfect unit for displaying consoles or game boxes.

Step 3: Lighting your Game Room creatively.

  • Everyone knows a game room has to be adequately lit or gamers will be handicapped while playing. But, game room lighting goes a long way in increasing  the game room decor quotient.
  • You can do this in multiple ways- choosing a particular color of lighting for your room or choosing theme based lighting accessories like lamps.
  • The color of the walls also makes a lot of difference.
  • For example if it is a game room the theme of which is any water sport, painting the walls a nice ocean blue will add a different charm to the room all together.

Step 4: Adding Accessories.

  • Once you are done selecting the right furniture that is both comfortable and in tandem with your theme, you can further accentuate your theme by adding accessories.
  • For a game room centered on cricket, stumps may be placed at the entrance or umpire caps may be hung on walls.
  • Game rooms are usually the stress buster hubs.
  • It is very important that they are visually and aesthetically soothing places.
  • Mugs, rugs, wall hangings and posters are usually selected for working as accessories. 

Step 5: Fixing the Flooring.

  • This is one part of the game room that no one considers while decorating.
  • Plain wooden flooring has become a universal thing. But, you can have a lot of fun with floors.
  • Floors can be painted with graffiti or can be carpeted.
  • But irrespective of that, almost all game rooms have large area rugs which are placed beneath pool tables or card tables.
  • There is a simple reason behind this: Almost all game rooms are areas with a high human influx and with such a lot of traffic, accidents and spills are inevitable.
  • You can have theme based rugs fixed to your floor that dramatically transform the look of the room. For example, a game room the theme of which is football can have a football shaped rug.

Step 6: Adding trendy recreational furniture.

  • Recreational furniture includes things like television sets, audio stereos, mini refrigerators etc.
    recreational furniture
  • These add a more permanent feel to the game room.
  • Trendy recreational furniture is both very useful and looks very edgy thus adding decor value of the room.
  • These include things like game coolers, popcorn machines, and wireless routers.
  • These add-ons to your game room will make it almost irresistible.
  • Imagine not having to leave the room to have your favorite beer while you’re playing snooker or wending your own popcorn while you are in the middle of an intense carom game!

Step 7: Putting up Game Room signs.

  • Game room sings appeal best to youngsters and to adults who refuse to grow up. So yeah, they practically appeal to 90% of gamers.
  • Not that one could not find his way to the gaming room without these signs, but these signs help in two ways.
    game room signs
  • Firstly, they convey your message to everyone who is entering the game room. For example, you could put up a list of dos and don’ts at the entrance of the room for everyone to read and implicitly follow.
  • Secondly, these signs are usually quite vibrant and today even come in various categories such as LED signs, neon signs, etc.
  • They give a very funky look to the room.
  • Other sings and posters in the room are effective means of decorating the room without cluttering it.

With people having no time to invest in outdoor sports like swimming, tennis or basketball, the importance of game rooms has exponentially increased. It is no longer a luxury feature of a house but is a must if you don’t want the daily stress to kill you. This is where one forgets his day long stress and rejuvenates by winning that Foosball game. Decorating the game room helps in making the environment of the room more friendly and thus more conducive to forgetting one’s worries.

However, what must be kept in mind while decorating the room is that it is not over done. A cluttered game room makes it very difficult to play. Focus must be on the theme and the game equipment. Also, the theme of the room must not be lost in the process of decorating it.

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