Why Football Manager 2016 is More Awesome Than Ever?

The Sports Interactive-developed this fantastic game and announced it on September 7, 2015, though its version compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux was released on November 13, 2015.  Football Manager Touch, will soon be released for both PC and high-end tablets, and is expected to serve in front of you the perfect streamlined experience.

Football Manager 2016 is the most realistic, scintillating and interesting simulation of football management available – it is the most realistic thing to do. Football Manager 2016 lets you take full control of real football clubs from 137 top leagues, and you’ll be managing and making transfers of over 400,000 real players and staff. You are in full control of training, tactics and player instructions and one can also follow his or her matches live with the help of engine available for 3D match .Football Manager 2016 has over 1000 new features.


Football Manager 2016 Features

1. Easily customize the characters

You can also customize the characters demonstrate the instructions and enjoy the celebrations.

2.More highlights simultaneously

The highlight package is made available that allows you to easily have a quick glance on other fixtures. The aim behind this is to keep you updated with other happenings that are going on around you. It is basically a summary session going on giving you a quick recapitulation of the goals and important things that happened during that particular match.

3. Interaction with press

Press conferences are taken more seriously in this version. All the questions and responses are well recorded.

4. New Game Mode


You can take your friends on ‘fantasy draft’ mode and can also make the team as per your choices. Each manager can sign players beginning with a fixed budget and can compete with other managers as well in bidding for the valuable talents .In this edition of the game ,the user can add his built up team to any of the league of his choice through the given mode called ‘Create club’. It allows the user to customize the line-up , add friends to it or even choose the colour he wish to use.

5. Statistical analysis of match

One can use the sports statistic provider called Prozone with the Sports interactive partnership. The Prozone helps to increase the operability of the game by providing the in- game analysis to the user and makes it much easier to use.

6 Cross- save compatible

The whole football manger 2016 is cross save compatible. This means you can play your first five minutes on tablet, next five in mobile and the rest of the game could be easily continued over your computer. Sounds great?

7. Set-Piece creator


This time the Football Manager 2016 is much easy to use as it provides a set piece creator to the user, which the manger can use to include the different types of routines to the tactics and a new way to mark the zonals.

8. Injury looks real

This edition of football manager is made while considering the deepest of expertise to make the injuries in the match look more real than ever. The sports interactive have consulted experts in the fields of first aid and doctors to consult about the issue. This is done to ensure that there are no changes in direction of making players injury resistant hut focuses on the treatment part more. So that it looks totally real to the user and appeals more and more gamers towards it.

9. And much more


Many additions and updates are assembled in the new Football Manager 2016 to make it a complete and interesting simulation of the management of football by including the facility for shortlisting the staff, improving the player’s movement, revision of board request. New competition rules and updated information about the squad, selection of teams and players easy by improving older versions and other media features makes it much more indulging and fantastic experience for the user.


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