Fifa 2016 Review: The Plus and Minus

You don’t get to see direct free kicks commonly in FIFA 2016. However, if you manage to commit a foul, right outside the eighteen yard box, a small cut scene will appear wherein the defensive wall is marched by the referee around ten yards before a line of spray vanishes. It is close to reality and is great to watch a couple of times.

But you cannot fail to notice that these marks remain for quite a while after that kick is made, before it vanishes. However, the point is not that. The point is the time spent in rendering such minute details could have been spent wisely elsewhere. While Konami hits the peak of the series with PES 16, it ain’t really a good time to be spending time over such minutiae, especially when it apparently is rendered at the cost of EA sports taking a moment and looking at the big picture. Last year, it was a neck to neck contest in the rivalry that has run for long. But this time, there is a fine difference between them.

Fifa 2016: The Plus and Minus

Ironically, this has to take place in a year where FIFA brings in the sole progressive feature of these two games. Women’s football for the world cup reached a larger audience this year, than ever before and it has been great to witness 12 international football teams of women have been represented here for the first ever time. Besides, EA sports have not just turned the men’s game into women’s by just reskinning. There is a conspicuous difference while you are playing the women’s football. Female players have been totally motion captured, and they look genuine. However, the simulation of the female game is not really convincing. The game’s quality is just like a game between two championship club teams which will have surprising stats that are high passing. But the women’s game is still enjoyable more than the men’s game, owing to the mechanical differences. Although the strikers seem to spend longer time to kick their shorts away and the female players cannot have control over successful stars from the men’s game, the game is still exciting, unpredictable and extremely dynamic.

FIFA 2016 has been a little quicker compared to its earlier versions as it wouldn’t consume much time to release the pass. One of the reasons that FIFA women’s football is portrayed at its best is that the skill level of the player isn’t all that high, and this will lead to mistakes and heavy touches occasionally. Due to this, it is effortless to gain back the possession. In men’s football, you must have spent a lot of game time without even getting close to the ball or touching it. When in control, the game is a bit quicker than ever earlier. It does not require a long time to release the pass. You will be able to take shots quickly before the defender comes in your way.

Yet when you aren’t in the possession of the ball, you will like you are playing a sport that is without contacts. The tackles by sliding were extensively powered in PES. However, the tackles are rarely used here. Even the commentary by Martin Tyler is overdone and extensive this year.

Few other changes are extra superficial. There are new additions like a cameraman walking on the sidelines, and possibly a prominent detail. In this edition, you can run up to the cameramen to celebrate a goal. There are visuals of Martin Tyler moving to Alan McInally, who provides goals from other matches. However, it is vague if those goals are from games online, that are played simultaneously, or is just an illusion making you feel as if you are playing from Sky sports broadcast. Both the ways, it turned out to be a distraction that is unnecessary.

Shots taken are unpredictable and dynamic at the same moment. Goalkeepers are upgraded excellently and it appears as if the normal shots draw the ball to their gloves automatically.

Adjustments in shooting, dribbling and animation leads to magical moments, as defined by EA. In FIFA 2016, you are provided a random pick of players for every position by which you must be capable of building up a squad of champions. You will be posed to challenging games that will fetch you rewards of coins which will help you get gold packs of premium, for the common FUT squad.

 Final verdict

The total package is as good as ever, and for those who are acquainted with the play style of FIFA, this will be considered good enough. However, with a strong competition to face, “good enough” is not just good enough. When its largest rival is leveling its dynamism and defeating it in terms of responsiveness and fluidity, EA sports has for a lot of modifications to do if FIFA has to regain the title of being the King of Digital Sports.


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