The Xbox 360 Reviewed

The latest Xbox 360 from Microsoft is a video game console that is highly reliable. It provides consistent multimedia and gaming experiences to the users. Though there are many gaming consoles of the next generation available currently, the Xbox 360 manages to provide high quality video games that are over a thousand in number, and also provides most of the media applications. This gaming console stands out of the crowd as a good hub of entertainment because of the Xbox live which is an online service that is a premium based and lets its users access the party chats while cross gaming, and also the online multiplayer option.

The Kinect which is optional turns the console into an easy-to-use device by providing the gamers the option of voice and motion controls. Nonetheless, most of the games of this console can be availed on various other systems as well. Thus, Microsoft apparently has given much focus to the development of the new Xbox one rather than the Xbox 360. Xbox 360, for all its amazing features, however, remains to be one of the finest gaming consoles available.


The Xbox 360 gaming console is undoubtedly amazing for gaming purposes and entertainment.


It still makes use of discs that are DVD based. Hence, a lot of latest games will need multiple such discs.


The Xbox 360 from Microsoft has great options for entertainment along with loads of media applications and many video games for its users.

Since we have shortly talked about the pros, cons and also the verdict, let us get into the deeper analysis of the console.


Since there are new gaming consoles in the market, the Xbox can no longer be called as the strongest console available in the market. Nonetheless, it is a good choice for media and gaming. The dated components are used to the maximum by the Xbox 360. Almost all of the media applications and games are run in HD video quality that is of 1080p resolution. Besides getting many redesigns in the system, the console still makes use of the DVD based disc drive instead of going a step further and turning into a blue ray disc player. This is the reason that most of the latest games have two discs. Hence, you must have to first install one disc on the console before starting to play the game.


Xbox 360 from Microsoft is undeniably one among the finest hubs of entertainment that are available. If you have a full setup, everyone among the members of the family will be able to get something which they are fond of. Earlier, the premium applications of media were inaccessible if you didn’t have a gold subscription in Xbox Live. Luckily, this policy was reversed by the Microsoft. Now you can get applications like Hulu plus and Netflix without having to pay the annual fee of 60 dollars to the gold subscription of Xbox Live. This console has got access to many amazing applications like Machinima, ESPN and also the Game Trailers. You can make good use of Kinect’s voice and motion inputs to have control over aspects of the console other than gaming. This means everyone will be able to find fun filled stuff on this console.

Social and Multimedia

The Xbox 360 gaming console has not got access to Twitter or Facebook. So you will not be having the option of sharing the activities of yours on the console among the friends you have on social websites. However, 360 console has got great features to socialize within the Xbox network. You have the option of chatting with large crowds of friends. This option prevails even of you people are playing other different games. Every user that is registered will have access to the mail irrespective of having a Gold subscription. Skype and other apps can make use of Kinect to let you stay connected with your friends across the globe. If your friends have the Xbox 360 gaming console, it can be the best way to remain connected with each other.

Help & Support

The option of getting in touch with Xbox 360 experts is provided by Microsoft through certain user forums and also live chats. A finely detailed FAQ section is also available which you can browse through. But all these options of help and support are pretty difficult to look for in the internet. You will have to pass across a bunch of links and clicks before you get to land on the information which you have wanted.


Microsoft Xbox 360 can be labeled as a video gaming console that is most reliable, owing to its fine array of games and amazing offerings of entertainment. Among loads of latest gaming consoles that are easily available in the market, Xbox 360 is sure to lose its charm. However, as of now, it has got great video games and loads of media applications to ensure you are kept entertained. Specially without the premium applications that required Gold subscription in the Xbox Live, 360 turns out to be an amazing choice for endless entertainment.

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