Top 10 Games that You Need to keep in your Game Room

Planning a game room is not an easy task. Everyone is of the opinion that game room should reflect their style, and it’s true. But one should keep in mind that other people should also like spending time in your game room. So incorporate things that will make others comfortable as well. One thing is very clear that if you are thinking of a game room then shedding some money will be necessary. And there has to be some real good space for the game room.

Basic Game Room


So what are the basic game room games that one can think of? Let us give you glimpse of the top 10 most preferred game room games.

  • Pool Table: It’s most common game that you can find in any game room. Pool table is mostly located in the centre of the room, hence is the centre of attraction for people coming at your place. If you have a pool table then make sure you have a stand for the sticks as well. Otherwise the place will look cluttered, if not organized.
  • Dart Board: It’s yet another commonly found game with people and can be placed in your game room. It keeps people occupied when others are playing. Remember to place the dart board somewhere where people do not walk. You can always add something creative to your dart game to make it more interesting.
  • Arcade Games: Keeping arcade games in your game room can be fun. Though the games seem old but they are a lot more interesting than some of the games today. Keep some change with you to keep the flow of the game.
  • Shuffleboard: A nice shuffleboard can be played by a lot of people. Though some people think that it is a bore game, but a good shuffleboard can be fun.
  • Bar: A small bar in game room can look very nice. It not only looks nice but can keep the guests busy filling their glasses and stomachs.
  • Basketball hoop: A basketball hoop can not only keep you busy it also requires less space of your game room.
  • Keep it different: You can always include different games that you will not find anywhere else. Games like air hockey, skeeball or an arcade game can be the centre of attraction of any game room and your friend circle.
  • Television corner: A small television corner can be included in your game room. This corner can be a good idea for your family and friends. You can keep a nice collection of movies and songs for different moods and occasions.
  • Putter golf balls: It’s not necessary that you should have turf to play golf in your room. All you need are some golf balls and a putter to play. It gives an extra edge to your room if you have one with you. Nobody can resist not picking up the putter and strike a ball or two.
  • Gambling games: Keeping gambling games like poker table and cards can be different yet fun for a good time. It’s a good addition to your game room and makes a great attraction as well.

Game Room Is The Best Thing


Your game room can be the best thing you possess. So make it attractive giving it your own style. Use the best of the things for your game room so that it gives good results for a long time and you don’t have to fix things time and again. You need to make sure that you take care of small things like your budget and size of the room. Then start planning for it. Make a list of things that you need for your room and write their prices next to the items. It will give you a brief idea as to where you budget is heading to.

Don’t forget to include lighting and accessories in your game room list. Without them the game room will look dull and loose its sheen. Also look for some good furniture which suits your rooms’ wall color and games. So be it your birthday party or a new year bash, your game room will be ever ready to serve your family and friends. You can use it to relax you, share some happiness and you can simply use it as your hide out from all the worries and tensions. Game room can be multipurpose, just make sure you make it like you have imagined. Don’t go beyond your budget and make the most out of your limited money for game room.

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