The Perfect Illumination

Undoubtedly, it is the right time we have realized the importance of spending quality time with our families. So how can we ignore the location that is proving its worth in present day houses? The simply designed and sufficiently spaced location that just knows to set your mood just right.

The game room.

Planning a game room


The best thing about planning the game room yourself is that it’s personalized from the designing to furnishing exactly as you like it.

LIGHTNING holds the same importance in the game rooms, as the game rooms themselves hold in our lives. Setting up the perfect lights is simple but it can be tricky. So it is as necessary as picking up the right games.

From the equipment to the furniture and from the walls to the floor, when you sit with your family to plan and decide things for the game room, remember it is equally or more important to decide about the lightning too. Lights affect mood, so make sure to decide how much to the maximum light you want and how much to the minimum light you can afford to have.

As said, it even makes it more crucial to decide on this part of the room, when you know lightning has got a direct relation to people’s mood and it is equally essential to maximize the utility of your game room.

Lightning doesn’t only help you create a unique surrounding for the unique experience of a particular game but also sets you and your family to a particular mood. For example, a strongly lit room is a necessity for the children to play. But it is hardly romantic.

If proper illumination can make a very well designed and planned room look cranky, it can also help bringing life into it. So when a little consideration and re-designing can get you pleasing and perfect ambience, do it.

Game Room Options


Wall lights are a great option. Visit your nearest retailer who deals in wall lights and you’ll know the wide and large variety of options available. They don’t just provide light but also add a decorative piece on the walls.

If you have a bar table in one corner of the room or a breakfast table, pendant lightning is another interesting choice you can add to the list. These lights are suspended from the ceiling with a chain or a rod which will allow you to light only that specific part of the room when you don’t feel the requirement of light in any other part.

The traditional tube lights are already out of trend though, but if you still have them at the location of your game room, remove them. One, they look bad and in no case can they fit in your theme. Two, their white light is just a spoiler.

Mainstream, if you too have thought about installing a pool table in your game room. Don’t at least make it look traditional. A perfect game of pool doesn’t just happen. It requires an ambience. Neither can it be as low as dark that you can’t even pot the pool nor should it be too bright. When you play pool, the light should be just sufficient to illuminate your pool table.

Once again, in that case, hanging or suspended lights are just the pool table trend. They can be hung from the ceiling in plenty of ways and they add an over the top beauty to the room where there are bars in a little dimmed or darker environment.

You should also note that in some or a lot of cases, installing lights can be a headache. You might need technical and architectural support if you are especially re-doing a place in your house or converting something else into a game room. Or simply taking help from an electrician can also help. It wouldn’t even cost you much.

It is interesting. So you might go all crazy with the lights installation. Just remember, the lightning should be equally distributed in the room. When you need full illumination, it shouldn’t happen that one side is lit more than the other sides.

The following few factors can help you decide the lightning a little better.

  • Utility/Usefulness.
  •  If an idea of placing huge wall mirrors once came to your head, implement it. Mirrors help reflecting life and light. A little illumination can appear to be a lot more on getting reflected by the mirrors.
  • Now when we talk about lightning and illumination, how do we forget candles?
  • Gone are the times when candles were used just them the electricity went off. Candles today are used for a wider array and they don’t do any less to provide the perfect mood.

Candle light dinners are just the essentials of any romantic relation. Now that you have a perfect location as close as to just the next door in your house, you aren’t even required to spend a fortune going place for candle light dinners. In fact, your room can provide you with the most unique surprise you can plan for your partner. Just set around some candles in the room, blind fold your partner and bham! The surprise.

Candles along with providing a perfect romantic lightning also provide fragrance. Plus, candles are available in a wide variety of colours and designs.

LIGHTNING is one broad field. Make the right decisions and considerations. The just-perfect lightning can make a lot of difference.

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