Perfect game room for a perfect gaming experience

A Game Room of Your Liking

  • Remember the days when school children would come from school and then go to game shops, wasting time and money on their games and betting on popular games like Tekken 3.Not only school children but even adults passionate about gaming  used to go to such gaming rooms.
  •  But now the gaming scenario has changed overall and from standing and playing games on TV screens wasting loads of time and money you can now invite your friends to your home and play games sitting comfortably on a recliner or a sofa playing the latest play station 4 or a Nintendo Wii game on a 3D Television and Dolby Surround sound.
  • The whole gaming experience has taken a turn taking the gaming show from 2D TV, stereo sound to an all new 3D visual and surround sound.

Below is a list of all the things required for an all new real gaming experience:

Choosing the right room

  • When it comes to playing game, you should choose a room where not many people come and is a bit isolated so that you get less distracted while playing games.
  • You can choose the basement or attic of your house to make it into your own game room.

Gaming Comfort to ensure less strain


  • The sofa where you sit and play the game is as important as the others electronic equipment helping you in playing. Make sure it is comfortable and is not hard neither too soft that you would sink in itself.
  • Also make sure it is perfectly placed from the TV and is whenever you sit you don’t stress on any of your muscles and feel relaxed at the same time active and enjoying the game. It should be at a distance where you can see clearly without straining your eyes.
  • Shelves should be made either below or above the monitor to place the consoles , subwoofer, power supply and also separate shelves for placing the DVDs.You can also use a DVD album pack where you can organize all DVDs at one place.
  • One of the good suggestions for gaming sofa is 2 packs Intex Ultra Lounge Inflatable Chair w/Ottoman sofa Dorm Gaming chair.

Enhanced Audio and Video Equipment for the ultimate experience


  • These should be of at par quality and no compromise should be made with quality with these equipment. After all who would enjoy a game which has no sound and bad quality video .
  •  The video should be of clear not too bright and not too dull .Nowadays most of the monitors and TVs come with sensors that automatically adjust the brightness according to the light in the room.
  • The Audio should be clear and should not be shrill or too heavy, you can use the surround sound speakers 5.1 and higher for an ultimate gaming experience.
  • My suggestions for TV would be Sony BRAVIA, you can also go for 3D TV and glasses that fit in your budget. Bose speakers provide an ultimate surround sound no whatever game you are playing.

High quality gaming equipment and less lags

  • Use consoles such as Playstations , Xbox series Nitendo Wii or and always buy the game that is compatible with your system to avoid unnecessary lags while playing.
  • High quality sound and graphics card, processors and an interrupting power supply are always a must.
  • You can use Microsoft gamepads for any warfare games and Microsoft steering and joysticks for a thrilling racing experience.
  • You can also use addons such as remotes, subwoofer, wireless routers, soundbars for a smooth gaming experience.

Soundproofing and wiring for less disturbance

  • As sound levels are high, chances are that you can disturb your other family members and neighbor so place carpets on the floor and use foam at places where sounds tend to go out of the room.
  • As a lot of gadgets are used so a lot of wires tend to tangle up, so always keep the wire under carpet and tie them neatly so and use a high quality extension cord and power socket  to avoid any kind of damage.
  • You can also use duck tape to fix the wires at one place.

Games you should definitely try out

  • If you have a taste for cars and like speed then you should definitely check out “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” which is playable as a single player and also as a multiplayer online. If you are fighter and always wanted to know what it is to be a soldier then you should definitely check out “Call of Duty : Black Ops”. On the other hand if you like planning strategy for any battle then you should go for Age of Empires.
  •  As most of the gamers are usually college students then they can try the game “Counterstrike” which can be played online and also on the local network of their college. Not only this if you become a professional gamers chances are there that you can represent you college in tech fests which are organized by many technical institutes all over the country.
  • Remember the new versions of these games keep on coming from time to time and they require upgraded hardware and software requirements. So it is recommended to buy the latest drivers and software to meet the game’s requirement.
  • Otherwise the game would cause problems such as audio and video lags, interrupt in between so it always better to buy the latest hardware and drivers for smooth running of these games.
  • Always buy original DVDs from authentic distributors rather than pirated ones as they are most likely to contain some sort virus which can damage your gaming system. You can order the latest editions of these games online or can buy from the nearest DVD store.

Last but not the least make sure you have the passion for games and excitement to finish the upcoming versions of your favorite game. A good gaming experience after a day of hard work and stress will make you refreshed and charged up. It can also serve as a good past time whenever you feel bored.

 Get Set Go!!!

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