Living Room Design Ideas Small Spaces: 5 Top Tips

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If you happen to have a small living room then don’t give up hope on achieving that dream look, some of the best designed living rooms out there at present are small living rooms that have been given a super makeover.

To help kick-start your inspiration we have decided to pull together what we think are the top 5 tips for helping decorate smaller designed living room. Whether its finding the right furniture to fit the right spaces, or storage solutions that can help keep the clutter to a bare minimum, you will find some big ideas here.

Storage Solutions Can Make the Room Look Bigger!

Storage Solutions Can Make the Room Look Bigger!

One of the hardest things to content with when it comes to small spaces is the amount of clutter. It may start off small but overtime it will gradually grow and grow, until you are left in a room that is full of unnecessary eye sores.

Well, with a small living room this is the first thing you need to combat, and luckily there are some nifty storage ideas that can help you do just that.

The first is to look at furniture that contains drawers, or shelving. So if you are on the hunt for a coffee table try and steer clear from the basic table top ones and look for ones that have pull out sections where you can store magazines, books, remote controls and other items that you don’t need on a regular basis.

The next idea is to put up some shelving or a bookcase, depending on how small your room is you may have to go for the shelving idea. This can add a touch of class to your room but it will also give you an area to store clocks, candles, books, and other ornaments out of the way and up high.

See The Bigger Picture

Mirrors are a definite in small rooms as they can help give the impression the room is actually much bigger than it is. Most small living rooms utilize this feature and the bigger the mirror the more light and reflection you are going to see (making the room appear much bigger).

See The Bigger Picture

Usually you will hang the mirror either behind the sofa, or directly over a mantel piece/fireplace area.

Corner Suite or Separate Sofas?

The next conundrum you are going to come up against is whether to have a corner suite or not. Now, when it comes to sitting down in your living room you want to be able to see the TV and it needs to look right. For small living rooms I would personally not go for a corner suite as you will be taking up too much space.

Corner Suite or Separate Sofas?

Instead, shop around for either single seater arm chairs that you have more flexibility to move around the room and find a location you are happy with, or buy a two seater sofa.

Think About Colors You Are Going to Use

Colors in a living room are very important, especially in smaller living rooms; you want to introduce calming colors that can make the room look lively and warm at the same time. Colors such as sea blues and versatile beiges will add character to your room and make it look spacious.

living room colors

Try not to use just whites in small space because it can take away the fact you are trying to decorate it to make it look bigger.

Go For Transparency

Go For Transparency

Our final tip is to look for furniture that is transparent, so it looks like it’s not even there! It sounds crazy but glass side tables or coffee tables don’t give a cluttered effect that solid tables would, simply because you can see through them. Instead glass tables give you the feeling of openness and they look really stylish and sleek as well.


If you have a small living room then don’t just settle for basics, take a look at our 5 top tips here and start implementing them into your living room now. Even if you just select a few tips you will notice that it adds a new dimension that will inspire you to keep wanting to do more with it.

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