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In the fast paced world and surroundings of today, we are left with very little or no time to spend with our families. People are so engrossed in their work and jobs that their blissful life sometime seems to have gone for a toll. No one might blame you for not being able to take out even an adequate amount of time, because you work more out of necessary than fun.

There were times when people used to go for picnics, short trips, amusement parks, family dinners or may be movies. With the 6 days working schedule, not only the weekends have shortened but people are themselves left tired.

Game Room Home Theatre


  • And when the most waited time of the week comes, people either prefer taking rest to pool in some energy for the next week’s job or they just don’t feel like going out.
  • Children become cranky for not spending enough time with their parents. The wives get annoyed when they see the office assignments and tasks have taken place of the romance and charm in their relationship. Children and the old demand the most of your time.
  • Then, there is nothing much left in your family to get shattered.
  • Of course, when you go to work from that kind of an atmosphere in your own house, you can’t even work at peace. You’ll find your own self getting irritated for no reasons.

Home Theatre Ambience



  • Isn’t that pretty much for you to start thinking about ways and sources to not let this happen to yourself? It is.
  • Game rooms have proved themselves to be fitting perfect for resolving situations like this.
  • Game rooms not only allow your children to have a good time playing games with their siblings or friends, but also help you spend a gala time with your family.
  • The husband and wife duo can just peek in to the room sometimes and play with their children.
  • That might not be an actual game, but for parents, seeing their children win is itself a win.
  • If there are grandparents in the house who might not prefer playing, they can just sit there, relax and monitor the kids playing. So don’t forget to plan your game room versatile enough to fit in everyone from kids to the old.

How does an idea of installing a home theatre in your room sound? It perfect when you know you don’t have enough time to out for movies. As its name suggests, it is a theatre at home. You can sit at home, relax and enjoy a movie with your kids, your parents or may be with just your partner to arouse back the loosing romance.

Home theatre is a fully equipped entertainment system that includes video components like a DVD player and an audio system with surround sound effects. It gives you almost the exact feel of sitting in a cinema or a movie hall. All that you need to get a home theatre installed is a little bit of planning, a comfortable couch and of course the equipment. You might end up giving yourself a feeling a lot better than that of a cinema hall.

Installing a home theatre in your game room means you don’t have to travel any distance, it is just as close as just getting out of one room and entering another. You don’t have to worry about what you are wearing. And the best idea is you can dine along.

It can just be a little crucial for you to plan on a few things before you actually make your mind.

Game Room Factors

  • Cost: the budget factor rules over when it is about deciding a home theatre. Home theatres can be really costly. But then, it is of no compulsion to have a huge screen, you can start from 27 inch to anything that suits your pocket and save money.

Screens can be compromised for but not the sound. There is no point having a home theatre until it sets your mood, which seems senseless without a good sound system.

  • Location: When you are deciding for the other things in your game room. Also look out for a space to install the home theatre. It will not occupy a lot of space since it is only the screen and the speakers which can be fixed on the walls. In fact they should be. And a small storage for the DVD player right at the side of the screen shall work.

The same screen you set for the home theatre can be used for playing games which will also enhance the uniqueness of gaming experience for your children.

Lightning: If there is a window in your room, make sure you don’t place the screen exactly opposite to it. Direct light on the screen will deteriorate the viewing experience.

There are barely any lights required while you are watching a movie but you might want to enjoy drinking along with watching movies. For that you must not forget to place a very soft and dim light over the bar table. The light should be enough for you to serve yourself a drink without disturbing the others.

  • Consider help: Installing a home theatre might not be easy. It is pretty much of an electrical work and might require a little of technical sense to place the speakers all around in your room. There’s no harm in calling a technical installer.

If you like wooden touches in your room, consider them. Wooden flooring or wooden decorations on the walls don’t just add elegance to the room but also improve sound effects and reduces echo.

With home theatre it doesn’t compulsorily imply that you should buy a screen costing you a fortune. You might think over ideas, best of which that works is a ‘projected screen’. All that you need to buy is a projector and a white screen to project the video. This can be used with the same sound system.

There are a lot of manufacturers providing a huge variety of home theatres with a wide range of sound systems. Just do a little research and you are ready to set up a theatre at your own place.

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