Game Room: A Common Man’s Perspective

How to plan your own game room?

Is the concept alien?

Many people would argue that the concept of the game room is relatively new to the society. However, one can argue to prove it contrary. The American household always had a place dedicated to be a spot for family celebrations and meetings. In the era already past, that was known as game room or fun room to the common man. However, with the dawn of the new era, the one in which we live in, our houses started growing smaller, and with it disappeared somewhere the gaming space. This essentially paved the way for gaming rooms, in our houses.

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Gone are the days when the games room was just a part of modern English medium schools, with tables arranged for playing table tennis, carrom, chess, Chinese checkers, and may be badminton even. The American society is now evolving fast to accommodate the game room in the common household. New buildings and housing societies now come ready made with space allocated for children to play and elders to relax. These gaming rooms are often constructed in the basement or as separate club for the building society. With the advent of nuclear families, the Indian society had never felt more the need separate gaming room- a place dedicated just to relax.

Things to consider before taking the first step:

The most important question before starting anything is to consider its purpose, and so before you take that first crucial step, it’s important to ask- “Why?”

If you’re are single, may be you want a separate space to hang out with friends on weekends, or just to listen music or play videogames while you are all alone. If you are married and both of you are working, may be you just need a separate space to hang out together or with friends. May be you don’t want to disturb your better half while he/she is working, and you wish to hang out with your friends. If you are a family, may be you wish to give your kind a bit of free space, ensuring at the same time that he/she is in close proximity and in good company.

The next step, that is to plan the complete room, relies on this need. Figuring out the purpose helps to cater to these needs  in a better way, while without a plan the money you kept aside for the purpose may just all be squandered without proper use.

Where to start?image4

Once you are sure why you need that special room, the rest comes easy. It is better to start with making necessary arrangements for the game you love to play, or the activity you love to do. If you love hearing music while you play chess, you should go for a table of the desired height and the sofa set or the arm chair, along with the music system of course.

If you’re a music lover, may be you would like to just listen to music sitting in dim light. For that soothing experience, buying a rocking chair and using low light Leds can be the best idea.

If you are planning a game room for your kids, it’s better to make some basic necessary arrangements and let it evolve slowly as per the needs of the child. The basic arrangements include planning the floor of the room. You can consider using tiles of some common indoor games that can be used by your kids and their friends.

It is always a good idea to fix any loose wires and to make best use of the space. Even walls in that case may be used in creative ways. One can place darts, posters, TV set, etc, to make the walls come alive, and stir you to amazement ever time you look on it.

Using a wall post for the same can be good idea. It can help you and kids keep themselves up to date, plan the weekends, and much more. If this turns out to be working well, your gaming room will eventually evolve in a place where gaming and learning goes hand in hand.

Using the best things

Everyone wishes to remain up to date and to use the best of things, when it comes to planning a house. However, not all of us may have the leisure that the amount of bucks required for all of dreams to come true.

Before you go out shopping for your gaming room, it is advisable to plan your budget and the things you need (in priority order) in advance. A common fad prevails in our society that expensive things are better. However, one needs to remember that the price commodities depend on supply and demand model, and on the other market regulating issues.

So, before you purchase something for your gaming rooms inquire well about the things, and if other options are available. Next remember that crowing your game room is not a good idea. It is best to keep the space clutter free, tidy and easily available.

Buy a cupboard to keep the things, and designate particular place for the things that you keep in it. This ensures that you never have to search your pawns when you are in the mood to play chess.

Make it a piece of art:

Your gaming room can be the thing you need to show off to your friends, or can be just a place where you relax, or come together with your family. In any case, it is only you who is to benefit from it. So always plan it in your own unique way.

Apart from the overall design and accessibility of the place, equal emphasis should be placed on maintaining the aesthetic sense of the place. Using plants in the pots to be placed in the corners, or the lights that suits your mood can be best way to do that.

However, the necessary thing to remember is, like art, the things you chose are the best, for only you know yourself the best. So, always hear to your gut feeling to plan your special gaming room.




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