Five simple steps to having a Sports-Themed Game Room

The ambience of a game room is one the determining factors of making your game room the best recreation place you could go to. Imagine this: You go to a bar which has no music, no waitresses, no bartenders and no overpriced drinks! Obviously, this bar will have no reason for you to go there again. Similar is the case with game rooms. You need to have the right environment for a perfect game room.

This is important because this is the place where you retreat to after a long stressful day. If the environment and ambience of this place is not conducive for fun, then it won’t be much help. The solution to this is rather simple- having a sports-themed game room.

It is the best way of recreating the ambience of a stadium where a live game might be going on. How do you go about it?

You need to give attention to the following aspects of a room when you are designing a sports-themed game room:

  1. Accessorizing
  2. Furniture fixing
  3. Recreational Equipment
  4. Flooring
  5. Lighting


  • Let’s start with the first aspect. Accessorizing a room involves adding every detail to make it suitable to the theme. It includes fixing decorations like team clocks, buying glassware with team logos, sports memorabilia displayed on walls, fixing team clocks on the wall etc. For example having football shaped mugs instead of regular ones fits in this category. Game rooms work as stress buster rooms.
  • It is important that they are visually and aesthetically appealing. When you decide to make it a sports themed game room, the onus only increases. Adding sports signs and posters also goes a long way in accessorizing your sports-themed game room. One very important thing to remember is not to rush with the decorations. Take all the spare time you need to find those special personalized pieces that will contribute to adding the right flavor to your favorite room.
  • Flea markets and online auction websites are the best places to look for these. But you need to be very careful. Going overboard with decorations is very easy and this makes the room cluttered. Consequently, neither will the décor be appreciated and nor will the purpose of having a room exclusively for relaxing be solved.

 Sports themed game room

  • When deciding the furniture of a sports themed game room, inspiration can be taken from the sports bars. Going in for funky furniture fixtures like bean bags instead of buying lousy regular couches is so much better.
  • For the gamers, there must be furniture which is the right height for the game tables. For example, having wooden/plastic stools around game tables makes more sense than going in for chairs.
  • There should also be a few spare tables for keeping food items and one can always use them for playing board games. One should make sure that the furniture does not clutter the room. There should be enough space to walk around. Again, flea markets and online stores are suitable places to buy furniture from. It is advisable to refrain from buying heavy furniture that is difficult to be moved around. Folding tables and chairs are a smart choice.

 Recreational Equipment

  • Recreational equipment includes things like mini refrigerators, ice maker, popcorn machines, wireless routers etc. They effectively contribute in adding a more permanent feel to the game room. It is common sense that, popcorn and drinks are a must during a game. Thus, if you want to recreate the atmosphere of the stadium in your game room then it having these machines will be of great help.
  • Trendy recreational equipment is both very useful and looks very edgy thus adding décor value of the room. These add-ons to your game room will make it almost irresistible. Imagine not having to leave the room to have your favorite beer while you’re playing snooker or wending your own popcorn while you are in the middle of an intense carom game!
  • A refrigerator to keep your drinks chilled becomes inevitable. It must be remembered that these are one-time investments so one should not be hesitant in paying a little extra. For example you can invest a little more and have for yourself a professional grade refrigerator that is completely decked out with officially licensed team logos. Adding a home theatre system to the room also helps significantly in creating a very stadium-like atmosphere. Ah, the magic of surround sound!


  • Flooring is one aspect of a game room that people usually forget. It is sad because it can be so helpful in giving your sports-themed game room the edge. I’ll give you a few tips:
  •  You could fix a carpet in the room that looks like grass. This can be one of those plastic carpets. This will also be convenient to wash when dirty and be friendly to your pocket.
  • You could also paint the floor like a chessboard or any other board game for that matter. This is a unique and easy way of making your room suitable to the sports theme.
  • iii) You could also fix theme based rugs on the floor. The advantage of having large theme based rugs is twofold. Firstly, if there are accidental spills then rugs help hide the marks. Having dark colored rugs thus helps. Secondly, they add décor value to the room very effectively.

Lighting the room creatively might be a thirsty job but it is worth the effort. Having regular CFLs and bulbs in a game room can be a bummer. There is a lot of fun you can have with the lighting of a game room. Game based lamps, neon signboards are a few alternatives you can take.

So you see, following a few simple steps will help you convert your regular boring game room into a swanky sports-themed game room. These steps are easy and very effective in creating the right environment for you to forget all your worries of the day in your very own house!





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