ELEX Review: A Guide to This Sci-Fi RPG

Gaming takes a lot of time and effort. The costs can also add up quickly, so it stands to reason that you will carefully consider any game before purchasing it. When it comes to ELEX, you want to be sure that the gameplay interests you. It’s important to ensure you have the right technical specifications or system on which to play the game as well. To get all the information, you really need a complete ELEX review to figure out if this game is the right pick.

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An ELEX review can help give you more information about the game, including insight into what to expect as you play. When you read reviews, you get opinions from other players that can tell you important details and give you specifics that will allow you to make an informed decision. Plus, it never hurts to get background information that will give you a look into the storyline and characters within a game. That is often the tipping point because you have to be sure you will enjoy the overall story. After all, you will play the game for many hours and immerse yourself in the game world, so it better be pretty amazing.

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ELEX Review: What Is ELEX?

Before getting into the ELEX review, let’s take a look at some background information on the game. According to Steam, the release date for ELEX was on October 17, 2017. It is a role-playing game from the creators of the Gothic series, Piranha Bytes. This game is single player and covers a few genres, including post-apocalyptic, science fiction, and action. Gameplay involves making moral choices, fighting mutant beings, and interacting with original characters on a planet called Magalan.

You are fighting a war over a powerful resource called Elex that was left behind when a meteor struck Magalan. According to THQ Nordic, this resource can create magic, change life forms, and provide power. Your character, Jax, is a former Alb who has basically been left for dead and turned away from the fold. Technology and power are the main goals of the Albs. They use the Elex by consuming it and become terribly powerful but devoid of emotion or humanity. They simply want to conquer the planet.


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Your goal upon beginning play is to learn about and then decide which other group of survivors to side with. Your options include the Berserkers who have chosen to use Elex to create magic and rebuild nature. Another option is the Clerics, who are religious followers of the god Calaan. They see consumption of Elex as a sin and instead choose to use it to power machines, which they hope to use to rebuild the planet and make it more advanced than it once was. Your last option is the Outlaws. This group does not care about much of anything but its own freedom. They are like the anarchistic group, and Elex does not concern them much.

Game Details

As you begin to play ELEX or read an ELEX review, you will discover the storyline is unique. You become immersed in this new world. The seamless game world that allows for vertical exploration and features a jet pack that allows free travel only enhances the realism of the story. It is also very interactive and any movements or choices you make provide life-like reactions. These features help to provide better overall gameplay that keeps you in the game without jolting you away from the world of Magalan.

You can play this game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a Windows PC

The requirements for computer play include 64-bit Windows 7, 8.1, or 10, 35 GB of available space for storage, DirectX Version 11, and a DirectX compatible sound card. Additionally, at a minimum, you need an Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-6350 processor. However, the preferred processor is an Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD FX-8350. For memory, you need 8 GB minimum or 16 GB preferable. The minimum graphics card is NVIDIA GTX 2 GB or AMD Radeon 7850 2 GB. Preferably, you will have an NVIDIA GTX 1060 3 GB or AMD RX 480 4 GB graphics card.

ELEX is available in nine languages: English, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Czech, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. It has a Mature rating for blood, strong language, suggestive themes, and violence.

Customer Reviews

While the game is available on three different platforms, reviews tend to be the same across all of them. So, the following ELEX review information comes from various customer takes on these different platforms. Something stands out very clearly from every ELEX review, and that is players tend to feel very conflicted about this game. Many reviews specifically state that players feel the storyline is simply amazing, but the whole game is brought down due to bad game mechanics.

On the plus side, players say this game is exceptional for those who are a fan of Gothic. It plays similarly and has the same feel. It offers a very in-depth and fascinating world that feels realistic and large. Many players state in reviews that they really want to explore more and get to know more about the world outside of gameplay. Some players like the mash-up of sci-fi, action, fantasy, and post-apocalypse.

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As for the more negative ELEX review comments, players say the game has far too many bug issues that make it difficult to play through the game. Many players comment on how clunky the combat moves are and that action scenes are often choppy. Some feel the gameplay, in general, is too slow and the aesthetic is horrible with bad animation. A big concern of many players is the character you play is underpowered, making it almost impossible and completely frustrating to play every battle.

Many feel they both love and hate this game.


As with the result of the ELEX review, the pricing for this game is pretty much the same across all platforms. Since it has been out a while, you can easily find this for sale from retailers that sell used games online and in brick and mortar stores. 

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How It Compares to Other Top Games

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Comparing different yet similar games is one of the best ways to ensure you choose the right game to buy. You can see how the storylines and reviews match up to the ELEX review while also getting a glimpse of what gameplay is like. It allows you also to check out a few other games that you can also play on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. Whatever platform you use, getting information on comparable games allows you to see if ELEX stands up or if there is another game that is better suited to your tastes and playing style.

How We Reviewed

To come up with solid comparisons for you in this ELEX review, we made sure all the games were playable on all three platforms. We also made sure each was a role-playing game. Beyond that, they are all a little different from ELEX in a few ways, but we felt this represents a nice range of games to compare.

We gather information from the developers, retailers, and customer reviews. We do understand that customer reviews may contain bias, so we made sure to go over a variety of reviews to get a consensus. That allows us to present you with an unbiased and accurate review of each product. We hope you can use these comparisons to help you make your final purchasing decision.


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Kingdom Come: Deliverance also offers an interesting storyline like ELEX. This time, though, you will play in a medieval setting based on real historical events. This game is mainly an action game that relies heavily on true history to form the story. Your character is a fictitious peasant who is fighting a malicious king. This tyrant is taking over the lands and responsible for the death of your family. You must avenge their deaths as you battle your way through the game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes from Warhorse Studios. You can find it used and new. It has a Mature rating for blood, gore, intense violence, nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, and use of alcohol.

Players say they love the realism and lifelike play. They say the storytelling is amazing, and they appreciate the highly customizable options that do not use traditional leveling. However, some players note combat can be difficult due to the controls, and the mechanics are a bit clunky.


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While Final Fantasy XV was originally a PS exclusive game, it is now available on Xbox One and PC as well. It’s an action game that also includes fantasy. It matches a little better in that aspect with the ELEX. You play as a prince who is seeking to reclaim his land. That’s another release in the Final Fantasy series, so most players have a familiarity with what to expect.

The game developer is Square Enix. This game has a Teen rating for language, mild blood, partial nudity, and violence. It is a lower rating than the Mature of ELEX.

So, it comes out a little better than the ELEX rating. Players think this carries on the expectations of the series in regards to the stunning visuals and solid animation. They also like the fast travel option. However, many felt this did not live up to the hype. They state the writers didn’t do a great job with creating the plot, load times are long, and the magic in the game is horrible in how it applies to battles.


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This is another game that is playable on all three platforms. It is also another history-based storyline that focuses in on Sparta and Athens. It is a pure action game where you play as either Kassandra or Alexios. You are a warrior hero, and you can influence history as you play on behalf of Sparta.

Ubisoft is responsible for introducing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s part of the Assassin’s Creed series. Although, each game has its own unique storyline. You can buy it new or used. It has a Mature rating for blood and gore, intense violence, sexual themes, and strong language.

Again, it rates a little better than the ELEX star rating. Players say the combat is truly superior in this game. It also has gorgeous graphics and stellar music. However, players express many bug issues that require an additional purchase to fix. They also do not like the long load times and feel the quests are too repetitive. Some players even say the storyline is a huge let down with a disappointing ending.

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Ready to Play?

Now that you have had a chance to look over the ELEX review and compare it to other games, you should have a good idea if this game will work for you. If you are still unsure or the ELEX review left you wanting to get some first-hand experience with the game, you can always hit up a friend who owns it or see if you can try it out in the store. Sometimes playing the game can give you a new perspective on it. Plus, it allows you to get a feel for the gameplay and mechanics.

With ELEX recommendations from reviewers, we would say if you are a fan of the developer, you probably will enjoy this game quite a bit. It is also a good buy if you are a gamer who loves a good storyline as it ranked very high in this aspect. With these things in mind, you should be able to easily decide whether or not to buy ELEX for your PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

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