Best Wireless Gaming Headset For Xbox One: Top 8

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Imagine it's Friday night and you come home after a long boring day. You want to relax with some friends and fight The Kraken on Sea of Thieves. You have everything planned and ready, but then you find out your cat has decided to use your headset as its new play toy.

Suddenly you are now in the market for the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One that you can find.

Some people say that the cheapest headset is the best, but thousands of people -- myself included -- have been down the road where we spend $35 every other month buying these "cheap" headsets. Spending that three or four times a year can get frustrating.

For many gamers getting the best quality and saving money can be quite a challenge. There are things, however, that can make finding the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox  One easier.

​Comparison Table

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Wired Headsets vs. The Best Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One

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Whether or not to buy a wireless headset or a wired headset is a decision every online gamer makes eventually. While both types of headsets work fine, if you want a real quality gaming experience then you will want to find the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One.

Easier to use

Wired headsets are easy to use, but built-in hardware requires more input, and some wired headsets require special adapters. Extra cables and adapters that can easily break can amount up to a lot over time. That is a great reason to get a wireless headset.

When you sync your headset to your controller, all you will have to do is power on your controller, and you are ready to go. Some are easy to synchronize too, like the SteelSeries LS35X which connects to your Xbox One the same way you connect your controller with just the push of a button. That means once you power-up your console you can turn them on without even picking them up yet.

Sound quality

The sound quality can vary from other devices, but most cheaper headsets do not utilize modern drivers and hardware, It all comes down to the bit-rate of each headset. Higher is always better when it comes to headsets, and the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One has some of the highest bit-rates.

Plus the wireless connection is direct, and lag-free so you don't have to worry about stutters or if your wired connection is shoddy.

Another thing to note is that wireless headsets open up wireless settings from device to device. You can change the bit-rates and sound profiles on your console and TV (If you send the audio through your TV). That will make most games, music, and movies sound better.


It'a fact of life that wires get destroyed. They snag on furniture when getting up, and your pets may dig their precious claws and teeth into them, even bending them too hard can mess them up.

Charging wires, AUX cables, every cable you use, you're probably going to replace some time or another. With a wired headset, you will find that you mostly cannot change the wire unless you want to get handy with a soldering iron.

Cables can sometimes twist and bend which causes wires inside to cross and short out. You'll notice popping sounds from time to time when plugging them in and moving them around as well as moving to grab things. Even if you disassemble your headset and solder in the wire, you can kiss the warranty goodbye if it has one. Plus unless you're a technician, the headset might be even frailer than before.

​Issues With The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for Xbox One

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Whether you worry about battery life, connection issues, or even if the sound quality, you would be right as many people wilal state that there is a difference when using each type. Wireless headsets that run on a 2.4Ghz channel are better than Bluetooth in both sound and connection.

Battery life depends on the price, where some $100 headsets get 15 hours and some $200 headsets can get 20 hours or even more.

You will find that some headsets do not work well with the Xbox One's user interface.

They also might require some initial setting up. In the long term, it's not too big of a problem but some people see it as a negative. You will also see with wireless headsets that you will forget the range with them. Wearing them, in-between matches and races, you will get up to get a drink from the kitchen or have to use the bathroom. While some have great range, others lack a little bit, and you will notice immediately that the connection drops off.

​Price Range of the Best Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One

There are good brands and cheap brands, and some in-between that offer great products at decent prices. Shopping for the right headset is not easy, and sometimes it's not cheap. The prices range from as low as $60 and can go up to $400. Some are even higher. Certain companies market their products for gaming, but is it a gimmick?

​How We Judged

These reviews come straight from the customers, personal use, and overall ratings from,, and Some might be on sale and others may not be in stock. Reviews and ratings from costumers give us a preview and personal opinion on which headsets are the best and top picks.

​Our Picks for the Best Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One

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Some are beautiful, and some are simple. There are a few with unique features as well. These nine headsets are the best choices if you are searching for the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One.


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At first glance, you might think our first choice for the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One is an aviator's headset, but you would be wrong. Unfortunately, we can't be that cool while gaming. Instead, this is a headset made by Plantronics.

What really draws this headset as being one of the top ten is the Dolby Atmos sound system that allows a beautiful and crisp 7.1 surround sound on top of an adjustable equalizer. High-end audio built for gaming is a perfect combination.

Reviewers on Newegg rated this headset 5.0 out of 5.0 eggs. Customers say that the sound quality is great and it has a solid, durable frame. However, the headset does not block out all of the sounds. If you have decided this is the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One for you, you can buy this headset on Amazon. Other features include:

  • ​40mm drivers include dampeners for great sound
  • ​24-hour battery
  • ​Quick charge
  • ​32-foot range
  • ​Sound isolating ear cups
  • ​Adjustable frame

​Arctis Pro Wireless

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The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is a great choice in headsets. Exclusive ClearCast mic delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation. 

Featuring a White or black option on Amazon and elsewhere, these are an excellent choice for the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One. And although made of steel and aluminum-alloy, these stay cool and lightweight.

They look simple and are well worth the price. With 40-hour battery life and a ClearCast microphone makes these a perfect headset. Although they are not technically compatible with the Xbox One, you can get them to work by following the quick and simple instructions here. Although it is still out of the box ready, the setup is very simple and requires nothing more than changing a few settings on your Xbox One.

  • ​Two rechargeable batteries
  • ​Steel and Aluminium-alloy construction
  • ​AirWeave Cushions

​G933 Artemis

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Looking like it was straight out of the future. Wireless RGB lighting on the sides, The Logitech G933 Artemis is a cool headset with a lot of support. Featuring a choice in white or black, but with RGB lighting you can mix whichever color suits your look. They offer a seamless 2.4 GHz connection for seamless audio. Great battery life of 12 hours from a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Reviewers say they love the quality and the connection as well as the custom lighting options. The main issue is the battery life is severed by this option, and the distance is very slim. Making your head glow is a cool feature and is a great option for the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One.

​Stealth 600

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Every Xbox One user looks at the Stealth 600 from Turtle Beach and knows that they are meant for the Xbox One. Turtle Beach is one of the leading names in gaming. A 15-hour battery cap and a soundscape setting that lets you hear more in the game. Plus using the Superhuman Hearing mode lets you hear your enemies footsteps or the sounds of them reloading in cover. Giving you the advantage.

With an easy to set up system and easy to choose presets, these are nothing short of fantastic headsets. 

  • ​Large, 50mm over-ear speakers
  • ​Independent game audio and chat controls
  • ​EQ presets
  • ​15-hour rechargeable battery

​Stealth 420X

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Being fully wireless and having great audio is a great selling point. Large and in charge, this headset is well worth the money. Using a simple USB that plugs directly into the console means the setup is very simple. A removable microphone is great for watching movies and listening to music. Four audio presets makes this feature even better making the sound profile fit every genre.

Being one of the best, the 420X has a great build quality with comfortable ear cushions. Easy to use buttons and volume wheels makes the 420X Simple and comfortable to use. Sup-par mic monitoring according to reviews is the only drawback that this headset has on Newegg. With multiple Turtle Beach microphones available you can always upgrade. Being a problem that most people can ignore, it's non-essential at best.

​Thresher Ultimate

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A sharp and modestly priced option is the Razer Thresher Ultimate for Xbox One. Razer products are for gamers, by gamers, and the Thresher is a perfect example. High-quality design means the Thresher Ultimate is suited for those rough moments. Like when you are off your game, and the couch cushion is a perfect target for your headset. That, of course, would not be recommended by the but they will survive nonetheless.

The Thresher comes in at a great price considering the included base and charging stand. They also come with an audio hub and delivers great sound at 2.4Ghz. Weighing under a pound, this headset is ultra-light and comfortable without compromising build quality. This is also the main reason why professional gamers use this headset in professional competitive tournaments. Pro-competitors prefer the Thresher Ultimate for these key features:

  • ​Noise cancellation
  • ​soft comfortable ear cups
  • ​16-hour battery life
  • ​crisp audio and impeccable sound


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This headset is the no-nonsense choice for anyone who wants a custom headset. The ASTRO A50 headset delivers great sound and heavy bass with a strong frame. With 5Ghz wireless and an optional mod kit, you can really tell this headset is worth the price tag. A great thing about the price tag is you can qualify for the 6-month financing. Which is not a bad plan if you don't want to throw so much around all at once. With the package, you also get a base for your headset.

An optical cord directly to your Xbox One and works as a charging station/transmitter for the headset. That gives absolutely no latency in the audio or chat. Reviews state that these are fantastic and some even say they are "The KING! of wireless headsets". These are a great choice when buying the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One. More features for the ASTRO A50 headset include:

  • ​Crystal clear microphone
  • ​Perfect surround sound
  • ​Easy setup
  • ​Xbox One customer support
  • ​Best Buy 2-year protection

​Siberia 840

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Low latency and a 40-hour twin battery layout. On top of great audio and a retractable microphone make the SteelSeries Siberia 840 a great choice as the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One. It's one of the highest rated on Newegg. Most reviews on Newegg say that the ear cups are uncomfortable which if you have big ears, sweating and a little soreness after long use is normal. Reviews also show that the audio quality is great and the structure of the headset is solid as a rock -- as it should be with.

Yeah, your wallet probably just choked when you read that, but this headset is not a low-level setup. The Siberia 840's soundscape is expertly tuned for all media outputs on the Xbox One. Whether it's the amazing sounds of the Lamborghini Urus, or Watching your favorite series on Hulu. Audio quality doesn't lack with continuous frequency hopping so you are always getting a no-lag sound. That also helps with its 40-hour power span. Here's a look at some of the special features:

  • ​Two rechargeable batteries
  • ​A transmitter and equalizer
  • ​Rugged design
  • ​Easy connection to your Xbox One

​The Best Wireless Gaming Headset For Xbox One and You

Decisions Decisions, of course, some of these are hard to pass up. But remember that buying the best wireless gaming headset for Xbox One is a commitment. The quality, durability, and overall experience should be something you recognize every time you power on your Xbox One. As many websites will show, to get the best wireless headset you are very limited. Some are over the top, some might be just right, but these are the best nine headsets for the Xbox One family.

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