Best Minecraft Mods: Guide For Minecraft Gamers And Enthusiasts

If you've played Minecraft for very long, you've probably heard something about modding. And if you're curious, you've probably wondered what the best Minecraft mods are. Minecraft is a creative game with a very powerful core experience. Of course, there's a chance this core experience gets old very fast. Or, you might find little places where the core game could improve. That is where mods come in.

Minecraft is made for literally doing anything you want. For many members of its community, that means altering the game's code. By doing this, modders have added magic, spaceflight, and even working computers. The best Minecraft mods add to the game without losing touch of the exploration and crafting that make it so great in the first place.

Why Should You Mod Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world for a reason. You can play in a sandbox world that's entirely your own, or do it with friends. If you want to play a straightforward survival game, that's there. You can live in a castle, or an entire town, or a scale model of New York City if you want to. But even with all of this freedom, Minecraft can still get stale after a while. The game has been out for 10 years after all. Yet, it still has a strong following even from those who played it when it first came out. A big part of the reason for that is how easy the game is to modify, or mod.

Minecraft was really made for mods. Mods, for those of you who don't know, are downloadable content made by fans of Minecraft that MODify the game (get it?). They change the core experience of the game and let you fine-tune your experience. A lot has been added to the game's core (or "vanilla") experience in the past decade. But mods have provided deeper, more comprehensive gameplay since the early years of Minecraft.

Many of the best Minecraft mods were around five or more years ago, and have grown with the game. They existed before Minecraft had boss fights or a story mode, or before it even left the PC. But if Minecraft has lost its shine for you, the right mod can make it an entirely new game. It's worth noting that all of these mods are for the Java version of Minecraft, which runs on PC and Mac. Mods for console versions of the game are a different beast entirely.

Picking The Best Minecraft Mods For Your Game

There are hundreds of mods for Minecraft. Even picking just out of the best Minecraft mods, you could search for hours if you didn't have a goal in mind. So before you start looking, think of what you want to add to your Minecraft experience. If you love building, especially in Creative Mode, you may not need to add that much to the game. Mods that make the user interface more friendly, or make the game more attractive, are best for you. You may want the freeform feeling of the vanilla game but need to flesh out the world you're in. Mods that add new environments and items can enhance the core game. If you need more out of Minecraft -- a lot more -- consider a modpack. These compile a number of the best Minecraft mods, sometimes hundreds, to give you all new gaming scenarios.

Graphics And Interface Improvements

These types of mods are generally more gameplay enhancements rather than complete game changers. Some focus on graphics-changing mods called shaders. They make Minecraft look more beautiful than the blocky game you're used to. Shaders can make the game look more realistic. They also may give it a unique look, such as cel-shading.

Mods like these can make the game easier to use as well. Certain mods add a search function to the in-game inventory. With this, you can see every item in the game, plus how to make it. These types of mods are useful for anyone, but they may be most useful to builders. If you're using Minecraft to build amazing structures, you want that process to go smoothly. You also want your creations to look beautiful. These kinds of mods will work best for you.

New Items And Locations

I would call these types of mods the most central experience to Minecraft modding. Individual mods add certain new experiences to the core Minecraft game. At the end of the day, you're still surviving, mining for resources, and building structures to live in. But, you may also be building quarries and exploring abandoned cities. A lot of these mods are bundled into larger modpacks. You can always download just one where you feel your game is lacking, though. That keeps Minecraft from getting too complicated, or from changing the shape of the game entirely. They help give you more options for exploration, mining, and farming, keeping the core game fresh.

Game Modes And Modpacks

If the routine of Minecraft is played out for you, consider a modpack instead. Where one mod might automate your mining process, these compilations of hundreds of mods change the game entirely. You might find yourself on a single tree on a block of dirt in the middle of the sky because why not try something completely different?

Many of these packs come with a set of instructions guiding you through the experience. Some of them are rather challenging as well. One particular benefit of these packs is the sheer amount of things you can do. If you want to build a nuclear reactor and tame a dragon while using a jetpack to bounce between the two, there's a modpack for you. But perhaps most importantly, modpacks are already verified for compatibility. That means there will never be a conflict between two mods that may cause your game to crash, which is a risk you run when installing mods one at a time.

How To Mod Your Minecraft Game

Once you've picked what kind of mod you want, it's time to add it to the game. It takes a little bit of know-how but is really very easy. Because the modding community is so large, modders have you covered. The simplest way to add mods to your Minecraft game is through a tool called Minecraft Forge. Forge is a mod on its own, and an installer that makes the modding process much simpler. While not all mods are Forge-compatible, the majority are. Chances are, using Forge will make your modding process easier, rather than more difficult. That way, all of the best Minecraft mods can work together to improve your game.

Once you have Forge, find and download the mods you want. All of the mods here have safe download links included. Take advantage of the modding community when looking for new mods. Other players will be able to help you find safe download links for the mods you want. Just in case, always back your game up before modding. If anything goes wrong, everything will still be secure in another location. Forge will create a mod folder in your Minecraft game files. You can find the files on your PC by going to Users, then your username, AppData, Roaming, Minecraft. After you download your chosen mod, just take the zip file to your mods folder and run the game. From here, you can check that Forge is running and that the mod was properly installed.

Where To Find Minecraft Mods

The best place to find the best Minecraft mods is through the community. Since mods are entirely player-built and maintained, player feedback should be your number one source. Minecraft Forum, for one, is a huge collection of Minecraft modders and enthusiasts. You can sort the mods by which ones other players like the best. Since it's a forum, you can also instantly see what others think of the mod. Another enormous stockpile of mods comes from the Feed the Beast website. While we've included a couple here among our top 10, there are many more mods and modpacks available there for you. As always, make sure you get your mod from the original creator. It's the best way to make sure you're not downloading anything fishy onto your computer.

How We Reviewed

There's not really a formal review system for Minecraft mods. So, our best Minecraft mods are chosen based on community consensus. To be fair, we have used some of these mods in our own games. However, we find a community rating to be less subjective for determining the best of the best.

Our Favorites: The 10 Best Minecraft Mods

The mods that made our list of the best Minecraft mods were chosen from reviews on sites such as PC Gamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. These mods include some of the most popular and most creative additions to Minecraft. Please note that they are listed in no particular order

1. Biomes O'Plenty

biomes o plenty mod

Biomes are one of the little things that give Minecraft's procedurally-generated worlds depth. They keep you from walking through forest after forest, mixed with the occasional desert or ocean. As much as they flesh out your world, they can still be lacking. Biomes O'Plenty fixes that. This mod adds nearly 100 new biomes to the world.

Along with new environments, you get new plants, animals, and building materials. This one takes the world and makes it feel rich. Forests have different trees depending on their biome. Deserts might have high mesas for you to climb. It makes the Minecraft world feel a little more like our own.

2. Feed The Beast: Revelation

revelation feed the beast minecraft mod

The first modpack on our list is part of a larger network of modpack creators. Feed The Beast, or FTB, has several modpacks which might appeal to you. Feed The Beast: Revelation is what they call their general, all-purpose modpack. It is also the largest one the FTB team has built to-date with more than 200 mods included. This modpack is meant to have something to appeal to everyone. If you're new to big modpacks, FTB: Revelation has enough that you'll be able to dabble in all sorts of different activities.

3. Galacticraft

Galacticraft minecraft mod

Galacticraft may be one of the most wide-spanning single mods on our list. As the name suggests, you take off from Minecraft's Earth and into an entire square solar system. This includes raw materials you can mine to build a spaceship. It also comes with electrical systems and oxygen to make sure you can survive on the new planets. Unlike our own solar system, there are also creatures to discover once you get there. Galacticraft gives you a go-between if you want something more than the core game but aren't ready to take on a huge modpack. It can get you used to new materials and crafting recipes without overwhelming you with hundreds of other mods. This mod also makes an appearance in several popular modpacks.

4. Greg Tech: New Horizons

Minecraft mod Greg Tech New Horizons

Greg Tech: New Horizons advertises itself as a "kitchen-sink" pack based on technology progression. It tries to give you a linear experience which feels like a single game. This pack also comes with a complement of mods which make the game much harder to survive in. Nights are extremely dark without a light source, and you have to vary your food sources or face diminishing returns. All of this happens while working towards advancements like spaceflight and oil refinement. This expert-level pack is sure to keep you playing for a long time, as long as you like getting into the nitty-gritty of Minecraft.

5. JourneyMap

JourneyMap is a much-needed tool for a sprawling open world like Minecraft. While the vanilla game's mapmaking system is unique, it is also very restrictive. This is especially true if you explore wide swaths of your virtual world. JourneyMap gives you a real-time, detailed map of the world. You can view it in a web browser, in fullscreen, or as a minimap while exploring. This map also lets you see the interior of caves and buildings, as well as an alert when enemies are near. This is one of the best Minecraft mods for all but the most central Minecraft experiences.

6. Millenaire

millenaire minecraft mod

As far as mods go, Millenaire is fairly low-impact. It aims to replace the lackluster villages of Minecraft with those populated by real people. During your exploration, you can find villages based on real cultures from across the world. Unlike the unusual, big-headed villagers in the vanilla game, Millenaire gives you named characters with jobs and goals. You can befriend people of your chosen village, and eventually become a leader. This mod also adds questlines and new buildings to the game. While it lacks the abundance of new materials that other mods offer, it gives some much-needed life to the main game.

7. Optifine

mine craft Optifine mod

Optifine offers support for high definition textures. This gives you the chance to improve the appearance of terrain, foliage, and even the fonts. It's worth noting that you may need a stronger computer to actually use these HD textures. If you don't though, don't worry. You can also select performance-enhancing options which will increase your FPS for slower computers. Because of its versatility, Optifine is one of those mods that everyone should consider. Whether you want to upgrade your textures, or speed up your game, Optifine should be in your game.

8. Sky Factory 3

minecraft skyfactory mod

SkyFactory 3 is a new take on what has become a classic Minecraft challenge, the skyblock. In this mod, you start out with only a tree and a single block of dirt, along with a book of achievements. Using just these modest materials, you can be expected to create a fully-automated operation. This mod is certainly the best for those of you who are bored with everyday survival. With strict constraints and a list of accomplishments, SkyFactory 3 will give you a new lease on Minecraft.

9. Tinkers' Construct

tinkers construct minecraft mod

Tinkers' Construct focuses on the tool-making aspect of Minecraft. Vanilla Minecraft has a handful of core tools made of a handful of materials. Tinkers' Construct creates a wide number of tools which you can upgrade and customize as you see fit. You can make a handle out of one metal and an ax head out of another.

 It also lets you add other ingredients for additional effects. This one works especially well with other mods. While it only adds two additional ores, it is automatically compatible with any mod that adds more. Like Galacticraft, Tinkers' Construct is found in multiple larger modpacks. But, it can add flavor and versatility to your vanilla game.

10. Too Many Items

too many items minecraft mod

Minecraft's inventory system is well-known for its obscure nature. On PC, players starting out in Minecraft get no instruction. There are no recipes or instructions readily available, and what's more, there are a number of things you may not even know you can make. With Too Many Items, you can easily search through hundreds of items, and see the recipe for them. In Creative Mode, you can simply grab the items from this extended inventory. This is very nice in vanilla Minecraft but is especially useful alongside other mods. Mods and modpacks with all sorts of new recipes and materials can be overwhelming. Too Many Items keeps them all in check.

Which Are The Best Minecraft Mods?

All of the mods we have here are some of the best Minecraft mods available. They are well-tested and have been through many updates and iterations. All of them enhance the game, if not change it entirely. But they still may not be exactly what you are looking for. While a mod like Optifine will improve any Minecraft experience, maybe you want something different from what's offered here. Maybe you only want magic or a few more crafting options. Well, there are choices for you. In fact, many of the mods that go into these packs are excellent places to start. Ultimately, the best Minecraft mods are the ones that give you the best gaming experience. Whether that's a new set of HD textures or a whole new adventure is up to you.

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