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Best Gaming Chair Reviews 2016 – Ultimate Buying Guide to buy Gaming Chairs

While you are tucked in your boring couch, playing games, your back starts hurting after sometime. If you have an office chair it’s the worst for sitting on for longer hours. Gaming chairs have been designed for cool gamers like you to offer luxury and comfort. Strap yourself in a gaming chair and enjoy your time. The special audio features of gaming chairs take you to a fun ride where you can experience gaming at a whole new level.

If gaming is your passion and a greater part of your day is spent in front of the TV or PC playing games, a gaming chair would make your leisure time more enjoyable. When it comes to selecting a gaming chair, you are bombarded with a number of options. Some chairs interest you because of their features but buying a gaming chair in a budget is the greatest concern.

There are a number of gaming chairs available out there but you should buy one that is a package of quality and affordability. One of the most popular gaming chairs is the X Rocker series. These chairs have amazing audio features which enhance sound quality and add more excitement and fun to your games.

Top 5 Gaming Chairs on The Market

Reviews of 5 Best Gaming Chairs

Most of us would go for leather chairs as they are considered to be the most comfortable and luxurious ones. But there are other features that you should consider like a gaming chair should have sturdy arms as it is likely to get used more than any other chair.

These five gaming chairs are remarkable for their style, utility and exciting features. Pick up the one that you like and enjoy gaming like never before!

This gaming chair offers:

  1. Cushioned head rest and gun stock arms
  2. Four speakers featuring AFM Technology ,vibration motors for enhancing sound experience
  3. Wireless receiver/transmitter and RCA cables
  4. Volume/bass control
  5. Input/output jacks

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 Audio gaming chair will rock your world with sound. The four speakers with innovative AFM technology make gaming, watching movies and music an enjoyable experience.

These gaming chair reviews will help you making a smart choice.

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This is the best gaming chair when you are looking for quality sound experience. The amazing features of Pedestal 2.1 Video gaming chair are:

  1. Ergonomic design with tilting pedestal and gunstock arms
  2. Radio wireless receiver/RCA cables
  3. Two speakers/subwoofers

This chair is designed to relax your muscles and give terrific sound experience. With the latest Audio Force Modulation Technology that has been used in the speakers, gaming, listening music and watching movies is totally a different experience.

Wireless transmitter and RCA outputs on your chair allow sending of audio from any source.

Click here to read my review about X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

This gaming chair offers you:

  1. Ergonomic seating with back support
  2. Convenient handling and storage
  3. Upholstery vinyl cover
  4. Wireless audio, two speakers and subwoofer
  5. Volume/bass control
  6. Band switch
  7. Headphone and input/output jacks

X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair is commendable for its audio features. Experience high quality sound while gaming, watching movies or listening to songs.

Available in black color, this gaming chair is not only classy but offers you best audio output. Affordable, comfortable and fun gaming chair for those who want to have “Loud gaming experience”.

Click here to read my review about X Rocker II Video Gaming Chair , Wireless , Black

This gaming chair lets you have an amazing experience of video games. The gaming chair has two wired receiver audio speakers that are built into the chair and let you have an amazing experience of powerful sound of speakers.

You can easily adjust the volume through volume control. There are headphone jacks for personal use. Cohesion XP is light in weight and you can easily carry it around your house.

You can easily use it in any room of your house and use it for gaming or watching movies as well. You can easily store the chair when not in use by folding it in half if you do not have enough space in your home.

It offers easy cleaning and maintenance.The chair meets all the consumer product safety commission standards.

Bringing it home means you are bringing home comfort and luxury at an affordable price.

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5.V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair

The V Rocker Interactive Audio allows you to feel the sound and lets you enjoy sound from two forward facing speakers with powerful subwoofer.

It further offers wireless audio transmission as well as headphone jack for your personal use. The side control panel has a volume and bass control along with input/output jacks.

The seat has an ergonomic design along with a back support.

V Rocker gives you an amazing experience where you can not only hear music but you also feel it.

The back support allows you to stay in resting position and enjoy and the foldable construction allows ease of storage and portability.

This gaming chair allows you to link multiple chairs for multi-player use. This gaming chair allows easy cleaning and is durable.

You can bring it home and become worry less about buying a new one for next many years. The gaming chair will continue to provide you entertainment without any damage to any of its parts.

Click here to read my review about V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair

Why Should I Buy a Gaming Chair?

gaming chair reviews

If you are reluctant to buy a gaming chair and asking yourself, “Is it worth spending $100 for a chair? Evaluate the advantages of using abest gaming chair and then make a decision. Uncomfortable chairs are a waste of money. You have to replace them because of cheap seat padding.

If you consider the cost you are spending on replacing chairs, a quality gaming chair is not at all expensive. Moreover, the cramps and aches an ordinary chair gives to your body may result into chronic back pain. So a gaming chair is a long-term investment that’ll save you money and health.

For avid gamers, buying a gaming chair is a good investment. The wired headphones are annoying and after some time your ears start hurting. A quality gaming chair has built-in speakers and head-phone ports.

Volume and bass control options allow you to adjust sound quite conveniently. So realistic sound and video can be experienced with a cool gaming chair. Moreover, you can just sit back and enjoy quality movie time in your chair.

  1. The greatest advantage of using a gaming chair is that you won’t get any back pain or aches that are usually experienced while sitting long in a posture. Ergonomic design of gaming chairs is the most convincing reason to buy them.
  2. While you are playing video games, you have to use ear phones or connect wires to the audio source. Gaming chairs have audio controllers and volume control options. You can sit back and control audio the way you like.
  3. Unlike a couch or usual chair that occupies space in your living room and has a shabby look, gaming chair is classy and can be folded away when you are not using it.
  4. If you love eating while playing games, gaming chair is just the right option for you, since it gets easily cleaned and you don’t have to worry about fading away of the leather since the quality of a gaming chair is much better than an ordinary one.

Types of Gaming Chairs

best gaming chair

There are different kinds of gaming chairs available in the market offering you a variety of features, sizes and colors. A gaming chair should be chosen according to individual preference, the kind of games you play and how many hours you are likely to spend on it.

Some gamers like their chairs to be luxurious. If you are not into gaming a cool gaming chair can be used for reading and relaxing.

The ultimate experience of gaming can be enjoyed when you have one of the amazing high-tech gaming chairs.

  1. Chairs Made of Memory Foam: For kids these chairs are the best choice as they are likely to provide comfort to children.
  2. Chair with Arm Rests and Caster Wheels: This type of chair is for adults. This is a moveable chair designed to offer relaxation to the gamers.
  3. Home-Style Gaming Chair with Cushions: Along with gaming, this chair can be also be used for your living room.
  4. Bean-Bag gaming chair: This chair is more popular with the kids. Made of polystyrene beads, bean-bag gaming chair is very comfortable and can be stored easily.

This chair is available in delightful colors and for parents who are concerned about their gaming kids, it is the best chair. Suitable for children aged 3-10, the chair is designed to sustain pressure. Bean-Bag gaming chair is water and stain resistant.

  • X-Rocker Gaming Chairs: X-Rocker gaming chairs are stylish, unique and offer an array of features. These are the most popular gaming chairs worldwide. X-Rocker series offer a terrific audio-visual experience to their users which make gaming and watching movies much more fun.

The gaming chairs by X-Rocker have blue tooth integration, speakers and RCA cables. The RCA cables are part of most of the gaming chairs that allow you to connect to any device. Speakers are of best quality that add more excitement to gaming, watching movies and music.

The wireless chairs and X-Rocker video series chairs are made using the latest technology and are ranked amongst the best gaming chairs so far. The prices of X-Rocker chairs are reasonable, giving you true worth for your money. Quality sound and vibration features are the most well-liked features of these chairs. Rock your gaming world with X-Rocker gaming chairs.

  • PC Gaming Chairs: These chairs can be used for gaming, relaxing and office work. PC gaming chairs keep your back comfortable and protect you from fatigue.

Countless people have to spend 8-9 hours in front of computers either for work or games. Ordinary computer chairs cause eye strains, neck cramps and discomfort. PC gaming chair is user-friendly, whether you spend eight hours on this chair or ten it supports your back.

PC gaming chairs usually have customizable back seating. Ergonomic design and lumbar support offer you comfort. Usually these chairs have height adjustment feature. Some chairs have integrated speakers, woofers and RCA cables. You can play audio from any source wirelessly. Playing games, listening to music is a real fun with this kind of PC gaming chair.

Another striking PC gaming chair is a one with triple paddle control. It is recommended for office usage because of its durability and softness.

Do Gaming Chairs Have an Age Range?

best gaming chair 2014

Kids and adults equally love gaming. While designing a gaming chair the manufacturer keep in mind the target audience. Gaming chairs are being manufactured for kids, teenagers and adults. There is a variety of gaming chairs available in the market.

For children the gaming chairs are available in funky colors, bean bag are the most popular and widely sold kids gaming chairs. When it comes to teenagers, gaming chair manufacturing brands cater to different segments of the adult audience.

As teenagers are more into gaming, affordable range of gaming chairs are launched for them with striking sound features. For ardent gamers, gaming chairs with latest sound technology are introduced in the market as these potential buyers seek luxury and interesting features.

Gaming chairs for adults are designed in a way to target people who seek relaxing leisure time such as geeks and movie freaks as well.

Where to Shop for Gaming Chairs?

Quality gaming chairs can be found in the furniture and office supply shops but there are a number of online stores where you can buy best gaming chairs. All you need to do is look out for a trusted online retailer, compare features and prices.

Driving from store to store is really hectic and sometimes you don’t find what you are actually looking for. So shopping online saves you time and money. Although there are some things that you need to consider while buying a gaming chair online.

  1. First of all make sure that the online store you are ordering from is a registered and trusted one.
  2. Secondly compare the features of the product on different websites and then analyze if there is any different.
  3. Pricing is very important so make sure that you compare prices on at least 4, 5 websites.
  4. Shipping days and price are very important. Some websites have written “Free Shipping” while they actually charge you a lot. So make sure that you don’t have to pay a huge amount for shipping.
  5. Moreover the packaging of product is sometimes so lousy that you get damaged article, a gaming chair needs to be wrapped up properly so it doesn’t get scratched. Instruct your retailer about the handling of your product carefully.
  6. Cash on delivery is the best choice when you are shopping online so pick up an online retailer that is offering cash on delivery option.

How to Buy a Best Gaming Chair?

Most of the quality chairs are made of mesh or leather. Leather chairs look stylish but when you spend long hours on them, they heat up and make you uncomfortable so hardcore gamers should have something more relaxing. Soft arm pads and ergonomic seating are the primary features of a good gaming chair.

You are so keen to buy the best gaming chair but then when you start looking for it, there are a lot of options, each of which has enticing features. Picking up the right gaming chair is a real trick.

Quality standard should be gauged critically while you are out there making a purchase. Don’t get allured by the look of a gaming chair, yes the design is important but you need to make sure that the chair is of premium quality.

While you are out buying a gaming chair, follow these steps

1. Comfort is a vital factor

The foremost reason why you are looking for a gaming chair is comfort. So don’t miss this one out. Always make sure that the gaming chair you are buying is comfy. Most of the gaming chairs have ergonomic design but you need to sit on the chair and check if it will support your back during long hours.

2. The “wow” factor

You definitely want your gaming chair to be cool enough to grab attention of everyone. The design and color of gaming chair should be selected wisely. Black, red and blue are usually the color choices available, so make sure that you choose a color that doesn’t fade away after sometime.

Design of gaming chair should be classy and noteworthy. Gaming computer chairs are sporty and are a good option for PC users.

3. Cool Features

You have to keep in mind particular requirements for sound while buying a gaming chair. Gaming chair reviews include the sound features too. The best way to choose a best gaming chair is to thoroughly view the features.

If you are looking for loud gaming experience, pick up a chair that has two or more speakers. For ultimate luxury there are gaming chairs with built-in speakers, foot rest and cup holder.

4. Easy handling and storage

The best gaming chair is the one that can be easily placed anywhere. You should buy a gaming chair that can be easily brought near or away from the screen and the one that offers space to your living room. Easy handling and storage are the factors not to be missed out while buying a gaming chair.

5. True worth for your money

Make sure that the gaming chair you are buying is worth it. Buying from a quality retailer should be preferred. Look out for a gaming chair that is durable and high class so that you don’t need to replace it after a few months.

6. Picking up the right gaming chair

The best way to choose a gaming chair that matches your requirements is to have a look at gaming chair reviews and filter out the specific features you are looking for. If you want hi-tech sound quality get a list of those gaming chairs that have good speakers.

If saving money is your concern, search out for deals/discounts or low priced gaming chairs that are actually worth buying. For exclusive designs you can review gaming chairs that look awesome.

Similarly if you ate concerned about the space of your living room, pick up a gaming chair that can be easily folded. Filter your search based on the required features and get desired results.

Your Checklist for Buying a Gaming Chair

Following is the checklist for buying one of the best gaming chairs 2015.

If you are looking for a terrific gaming chair to buy for yourself or a birthday / anniversary present following are checklist points.

  1. Your gaming chair should be ergonomic to support your back and make gaming a happy activity.
  2. Look out for latest features and choose the best gaming chair that has innovative
  3. Make sure that the gaming chair you are buying is worth every penny, if you can get some extra features spending another $50, make a purchase that you won’t regret.
  4. Buy a gaming chair that offers easy handling and storage.
  5. Chair dimensions and color should be kept in mind. You have to keep in mind the color scheme of your room, curtains and other furniture so that the gaming chair you buy don’t look out of place.
  6. If you are buying a computer gaming chair pick up the one that offers good support for your computer desk.


Video gaming is one of the most popular leisure activities worldwide and has now turned in to a billion dollar industry. For hardcore gamers, playing games is not just a fun activity it’s their passion, a good gaming chair enhances the productivity of a gamer as it’s comfy enough to prevent any injuries and aches that are likely to interrupt gaming.

Gaming chairs are becoming an integral part of gaming and home theatre. Even if you are not a gamer, you‘ll enjoy reading, listening music and watching movies on it.

Buying the right kind of gaming chair might be puzzling when you have so many preferences, howevergaming chair reviews help in making a better choice. The best practice is to compare different chairs and then make a purchase. Happy Shopping!

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